America is perhaps the most blessed nation on earth and yet everyone seems to be pissed off.

It’s a curious recipe of anger, disillusionment, frustration, despair, outrage and sadness all mixed together in this multicultural stewpot that is now the world … not just America.

When these emotions simmer and simmer and simmer, they boil over and explode into rage-filled shootings, riots, police standoffs, domestic violence, fights in the workplace … you get the picture.  Many if not most people don’t do well with anguish.  Anguish is very difficult and when it goes unchecked for long periods of time, it becomes mental illness.

Mental illness.

We’ve got to start addressing mental illness.  We’ve also got to take a long hard look at what we’re spiritually lacking.  We are spiritual beings and we’re totally ignoring God.  We are living in utter defiance.  Hence the problem.

We’ve allowed this to go on for far too long.  Desperation plus guns … that’s a no win situation.  Everyone loses.  Black men lose, white women lose, Hispanic men lose, Asian women lose, white men lose, Hispanic women lose, Asian men lose, black women lose, children of all races lose, cops lose, hospital workers lose, politicians lose, attorneys lose, society as a whole loses each and every time we see incidents of mass violence.  We all lose BIG TIME.

And yet, we continue to make choices that actually perpetuate the problem.  We never address the root causes of things and then we pretend to wonder why things remain the same.  We blame God for the choices that WE’VE made.  You know exactly what I mean.

And so, why do people fight?  I believe that fighting and violence are ultimately choices that WE make.  People want to fight.  People want to get guns and shoot totally innocent people.  People are literally choosing political battles and gun fights.  People are choosing violence.  We are choosing to re-live the Wild West.  How else do you explain it?

We are CHOOSING to jump to conclusions about strangers.  We are CHOOSING to lash out at people we don’t even know.  We are CHOOSING grudges over graciousness.  We are CHOOSING to be rude, impatient, intolerant and judgmental.

We are literally CHOOSING everyday to make asses of ourselves.

We are literally making THAT choice when we actually do indeed have other options. We are CHOOSING to point fingers when we still don’t have all of the information.  We are CHOOSING to take sides.  We’re opting for chaos and confusion.

We should ALL be on the side of humanity.  We should ALL be angry when black men are shot and killed.  We should ALL be outraged when five cops are shot dead.  We should ALL be outraged by racism and sexism and all of the other “isms” and ills that are tearing our society apart.  When ONE of us is offended or harmed, we should ALL be offended and feel harmed.

Doesn’t it feel like we’re totally unraveling?  We are coming apart at the seams right before our very eyes and yet no one seems to be responsible for anything.  Whenever there’s a problem – and there always is – it’s always someone else’s fault.  It’s someone else’s responsibility, not OURS.

We are literally CHOOSING to live this way.  We’re doing it by default every single day.  We’re not addressing issues, we’re pointing fingers, we’re bunkered-up in psychological silos, we’re determined to win petty arguments and we’re not the least bit interested in actually doing the real work required to actually solve problems.

I once interviewed a public official who told me that he didn’t think any of the many problems he dealt with were insurmountable.  So, what did he say was the stumbling block?  What was the problem?


We are choosing political game-playing above all.  And if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t understand.  What does he mean by that?”  You’re part of the problem.

Can you tell that I’m a tad bit heated right now?

Seriously though, this is nonsense.  Utter nonsense.  People are fighting because we’re not dealing with the real problems.  We’ve got to start addressing inequity and institutional unfairness and all of the others issues that are literally contributing to the downfall of society.  It’s happening right before our very eyes.

It’s really time for us to turn off Netflix, get off our asses and DO the work. 

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is responsible.  There’s no need to blame and fight because there’s plenty of work and responsibility to go around and keep us busy around the clock while we rustle up some solutions.

But of course, that will never happen.  Fingerpointing is too much fun.  People are CHOOSING to fight.  Those who aren’t fighting are asleep, something stirs them awake, time passes and then … they go right back to sleep. I would love nothing more than to be dead wrong about this, but I’m not.

Oh well, back to Netflix … and on to the next gun battle.



Grab Your Silo