One of the things that I love about the internet is the ability it gives us to travel without ever leaving home ... or leave home without ever abandoning the internet.

No matter where you are, you can be here and there at the same time.  Sort of. 

Given that, I've never understood people who only want to talk online with people they already know ... you know, people who live right up the road.  I understand that it's a trust thing, but still ...

There's a whole world out there.  Why not travel?  If not actually, how about virtually?  Life is too short to constantly kick the same can in Podunk, isn’t it?  Your choice.

As for me, I want to see and be free.  If not actually, how about virtually?  If you can't accrue frequent flyer miles, put some miles on your iPad.

Why not be global?  You don't necessarily have to open your wallet and book a flight to be global. Just drop your personal baggage and open your mind for God’s sake.  

Being global.  What’s there to be afraid of?  Are you worried about being too trusting or are you just too uptight to try anything new?

Geez … what are you?  100 years old?

We always think that the enemy is "out there," but these days, we're often our own worst enemy.  Do yourself a favor and expand your world.  Why settle for a social circle when you can go global?

Here’s what I mean … I've interviewed artists who are based in New York, Paris, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Brussels, Portland, London, Wichita, Rome, San Francisco, Manila, Barcelona, Vienna, Minneapolis, Mumbai, Seattle, Tokyo, Atlanta, São Paulo, Berlin, Austin, Milan, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Miami, Belgrade, Philadelphia, Montreal, Lagos, Santa Fe, Helsinki, Sydney, Toronto, Amsterdam, Moscow, Houston, Cape Town, Vancouver and counting. 

I know people - albeit virtually - all over the world.

Sadly, we're living during a time when many countries are shutting their borders because they're afraid of terrorism or people who look like this, that or whatever an evil doer is supposed to “look like.”  I get it to a certain extent.  Self preservation is important.  However, that’s no excuse for inhumanity or racism.  Also, keep in mind that when you defiantly shut and lock your doors, you also block your own potential blessings. 

Great things in life often don't reveal themselves until you open your mind and your eyes.  By the way, Comedian Sarah Silverman has this brilliant joke that touches on this topic somewhat.  She says …

“If you’re the type of person who has problems with roommates … YOU’RE the problem!”  I love that.  Simply put, we have got to stop behaving like petulant children who don’t want to share their toys.  It’s not a good look.

Anyway … I live local, I love national, yet I also think global.  Is there any other way to be?  This is the only world we've got.  Why not be global? 

I’m also asking this question during an age when technology is making “being global” easier and easier yet human nature and behavior are making it tougher.  Technology and human behavior always seem to be at odds.  One day, we’ll get them in sync.

Still, whenever I'm on board a plane flying somewhere, I literally feel like I'm on Cloud 9, blissfully above the petty concerns of earth-bound beings.  I get a similar feeling while I'm interviewing artists from far-flung places online.  You can explore your world using your fingertips in addition to your feet.

It's good to get out of your own head and get the bigger picture.  Why not be global?  Being global gives you a whole different perspective, a fresh view and a beautiful “reboot” ... even in these tense times. It also broadens your life somehow and gives you a larger sense of purpose. 

These days, it's important to have a world view.  Not everything is about you.  The world doesn't revolve around you.  It revolves around all of us ... or maybe none of us. 

I mean, just look around ... More and more people in this world physically look like they’re from a mixture of cultures.  Do you know why?  Because they ARE.  It’s what happens when people – regardless of culture – fall in love … or lust. 

I once heard a man ask an “exotic-looking,” young woman this question…

“Where are you from?  The Middle East?  Latin America?”

The young woman replied…

“NO.  New Jersey!”

People today are either obsessed with race or it doesn’t matter at all.  I prefer the latter.  Racists and racial purists are having non-ending, mental breakdowns these days. What will they do?  Lots of folks out there are thinking globally.


“The whole world is going to hell in a hand basket!” they say.  Whatever.

In any event, I'm in the world ... and so are you.  Nice to meet you.  Open your mind to new possibilities.  Life is short. The older we get, the shorter it is. 

The biggest lie out there is the belief that we’re somehow supposed to be “at odds” with people who are different from us.  That’s utterly ridiculous.  I say it’s high time we embrace the truth ... 

The only barriers that exist are the ones we create. While we’re alive, let’s grab as much life as we can and experience it in its totality. 

Why NOT be global? 


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