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"I Am Enough" is sort of a poem.

It poured out of me in poetic verse, but it's really more of a personal anthem that I wrote for ... You.

For years, I've watched other people make decisions and do things that I believe are unnecessary.  But we live in a free country, so people are free to do pretty much whatever they wish as long as it's not harming others.  Fine.

Still, here are some examples to explain what I mean: people who airbrush their social media selfies.  Is this necessary?  Young men who walk around with their pants hanging beneath their asses.  Is THAT necessary?  Women (and some men) who cave in to plastic surgery in hopes that it'll extend their careers.  Seriously?  College students who subject themselves to hazing so that they can join a fraternity or sorority.  Why?  Dudes who go golfing with the bosses every week to gain favor in the workplace.  Really?  People who cover their bodies with tattoos.  Ugh!

Look ... People can do whatever they wish.  It's their business.  And I'm NOT saying that just because someone gets plastic surgery they're trying to extend their careers or that every college student who joins a fraternity or sorority is being hazed.

What I'm saying is that I'm a keen observer of people and I've seen far too many people sell themselves short for the sake of gaining "acceptance" or whatever you're supposed to get for humiliating yourself.  This doesn't end once we graduate from high school.   That's merely the beginning.

Search yourself and your motives DEEPLY.  If you're compromising yourself just to be part of the "in crowd" or to gain "street cred" or to "fit in" or to "get a leg up" in some sort of way, I believe you're selling yourself short.  In fact, you're actually selling out.  You're giving in because you're fearful and you clearly lack self awareness, let alone self confidence.

We've got to reach a point in our lives when we all look at ourselves in the mirror and say, "I Am Enough."  Being enough doesn't mean that you're arrogant or think you're better than the next person.  It just means that you've made peace with yourself AND all of your imperfections (which you'll continue to work on).  It means that you have decided to be your TRUE self and you want others to see that as well ... regardless of the consequences.  By the way, consequences come with the gig of being authentic.  They just do.

I wrote, "I Am Enough" in the first person because it was a letter to myself, but I also knew that this would make it much easier for other people to read it and see themselves in it and adapt it to their own lives.  

Think about it for a moment ... If you have to be "something else" or "someone else" to be successful, are you truly a success?  Isn't it better to be yourself?

I am NOT talking about giving out medals to every kid who runs in the track meet.  And if you need job training or more education or a haircut or to lose weight or gain weight or to change your bad attitude ... Then you've GOT to do those things.  I'm not talking about that.  Those are things that we all need to do to improve ourselves and our lives.  I'm talking about doing things that you know deep down inside are compromising yourself and your own personal values regarding life and how you view YOURSELF.

We often trick ourselves into believing that it's okay to do certain things to advance or to "fit in."  This is wrong.  You are here to be yourself, not someone else.  You shouldn't have to add all of these things to yourself ... or hide behind fads ... or do wacky things to make yourself more acceptable.  In fact, you should be stripping away everything that's not needed in order to get to the CORE of who you are ... sort of like peeling an orange to reveal the fantastic thing that's inside.  You are here to connect with people who appreciate the REAL you and not the FAKE you.

Do you know what I say to people who want me to be something other than my true self?  I say ...


Go look at yourself in the mirror and make this your anthem.  In spite of all of your imperfections, you still deserve to be real and you deserve to be whole.  I think that everything I've written here especially applies to artists and creative people who often make choices that many people don't understand or may judge in some way.

I also believe that the more accepting and patient we are with ourselves, the more accepting and patient we'll be with other people.  No one has reached perfection.

Given that, I say go stare into your mirror and say it until it becomes second nature ... All together now ... 

I ... am enough
I AM enough.
I am ENOUGH.  

There you have it. 



I Am Enough

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