I feel compelled to address this question so that I can clear it up for myself.

Isn’t that also how art works?  We look at art, which exists outside of ourselves, but the questions that it presents can really only be answered from within. 

I don’t interview artists for money or fame or power.  That would be what you might call, “Barking up the wrong tree.”  I don’t do it because I’m a groupie.  After all, artists are human beings, not God.  Also, I could certainly busy myself with millions of other things that I can do in my hard fought spare time.

However, artists and creative people in general, are really a special bunch, aren’t they?  If you’re living right, your creativity has you constantly living on the fly, always asking questions, seeking answers and searching for legal and moral ways to keep your head above water so that you can soar when the time is right.  But as always, paying your bills is always more pressing.

For me, interviewing artists puts me about as close as I can get to the process of creating art without getting paint all over myself.  I can live without that.  I have no desire to be an artist.  Being a writer is challenging enough.  I make a mess of my life and then put it in bold print.

Being a fellow creative, I also love holding my own feet to the fire, riding the highest wave and basically soaring as high as human potential will allow.  Who better to do that with than artists?

Whenever I get an idea or concept that I want to explore about anything, I find that it’s best to run it by an artist.  They don’t fail me or humiliate me  during this crucial incubation stage like the creatively deprived do. We talk about the concept as if it already exists in reality.  Others would (and have) asked me, “Oh! Well HOW do you think you’re gonna do THAT?”

Naysayers and haters are a dime a dozen.  But not my artists. Really, it’s all about VISION.  It’s about naming then claiming, seeing then being and thinking then doing.  It’s about riding that freight train of inspiration and leaping off just before it hits the wall … or taking the tallest, steepest possible rollercoaster plunge without throwing up or having a heart attack on the way down.

I would love life on Easy Street, but I don’t need to take the easy road to get there.  I’ll stick with the high road of creativity, the one with the potholes and broken glass and rocks on my journey to wherever.  The picture doesn’t always have to be pretty.

This kind of trip means I’ll be awake at all times, even in my sleep.  I will live life constantly inspired, taking the same path as my insightful, courageous and often funny brothers and sisters who still value freedom of expression while others are selling theirs in the name of security.  How much safety do you need? 

I tell you … give me free expression any day.  That’s what I’m doing with folks from all over the world and all walks of life.  It’s the TRUE purpose of social media that seems to be escaping most people.

Oh, I guess it’s good to do good things for others who might also choose to come along.  I’m thinking about posterity too.  Art history is still happening right NOW.  It’s always best to have a blueprint or map before you chart your own course.  Leonardo and Michelangelo left us theirs, didn’t they?

So where was I?  Oh yeah … why do I interview artists? 

Hell if I know.  I guess I just like chatting with brilliant people.


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