ArtBookGuy is three things:

1. I'm Michael K. Corbin.  I am ArtBookGuy.  I love contemporary art ... I write, produce and publish books that are my own, multi award-winning, art memoirs ... and I'm a guy.  Art ... Book ... Guy.

2. ArtBookGuy is my online alter-ego.  Yet it's also an online magazine about contemporary art that features original essays, in-depth artist interviews and profiles, news, artist projects, architecture and design, gallery happenings and important discussion about art and culture.

3. Ultimately, ArtBookGuy is a brand and a philosophy.  We talk, we demystify contemporary art and make it more friendly for you.  It's a campaign and movement backed by my federal trademark and motto, "Art For All People."  Art is made by all kinds of people for all kinds of people.  You don't have to be rich or highly-cultured to appreciate, understand and collect art.  Art feeds self-awareness, challenges our beliefs, sparks dialogue and inspires us to shape the world.

ArtBookGuy addresses art in my world ... in the art world ... and in the world at large. 

Art ... Book ... Guy.