Have you ever had a vague social interaction with someone and upon meeting them they have this big smirk on their face?
Okay, let's break this down.
First off, Dictionary.com defines "smirk" as "to smile in an affected, smug or offensively familiar way."
Uh yeah, I'd say that hits the nail right on the head.  I'm dedicating this to a guy I cross paths with every now and then.  The circumstances don't matter, but suffice to say, every time I see this dude and he sees me, he gets this smirk on his face.  By the way, no, I'm not misinterpreting it.  We all know a smirk when we see one, don't we?
Whenever you see someone sporting a smirk, don't you immediately think, "Okay, do I have spinach on my teeth?  Is a booger hanging from my nose?  Did I leave the restroom with toilet paper stuck to my shoe?"  Suddenly, you get self conscious.  You think to yourself, "Okay, what did I do wrong?  Surely I've done something to provoke the smug expression on the face of this person who is looking right at me!"
Your insecurities come out.  “What have people been saying about me behind my back?” you ask yourself.

I don't care how "together" we all like to pretend to be, we're human and we're not perfect.  We're vulnerable.  I'm actually coming to make peace with my own vulnerability.  It takes courage to be vulnerable and admit that you don't have it "all together."  Who does?  Trying to hide your vulnerability only makes you a liar.  You're carrying on a charade.  Everyone knows the truth because everyone is vulnerable themselves.  I don't care how much money, fame, success or whatever you try to stock up on, you're still going to be vulnerable.  It comes with every single gig.
But I digress.
You know, when people smirk at you, they think they're so smart.  They think they've got something on you.  Maybe they do ... but whatever it could be is of no real consequence.  Here's why ...
When people smirk, they're pretty much revealing their character.  They're dropping their poker face.  They're telling you pretty much everything you need to know about them in that moment.  In a world where we have to spend so much time - unfortunately - figuring out friend or foe, a person who smirks at you is about as good as last week’s weather report.  Been there, done that.
In other words, you can jettison this snarky being from your life and spend your precious planet time focusing on other things that really matter.  In short, the smirk is setting you free.
When someone smiles at you in an offensively familiar way, they know exactly what they're doing.  They're being rude and offensive and they're telling you point blank that they are not your friend.  Believe them.  A smirk is a gateway to a person’s true intention. 
I wish that I had something profound to say to wrap this all up.  All I can think about is that guy who smirks when I see him.  By the way, women are perfectly capable of smirking too ... so are people of all colors and religious persuasions. Smirking is an equal opportunity activity.  Having said that, I’ve learned that one way to dissolve a smirk is by saying “hello” to the rude offender.  It’s a way to call them out on their behavior.
In closing, here’s a quick message to that guy I see and all of the people who get off on smirking ...
“Hello, I don't believe we've met and I don’t know your name, but may I call you  ... DICK?”


So Rude!