What makes an artist "Super Hot"?

ArtBookGuy believes it comes down to insight, innovation and sheer giftedness, but professionalism, depth of humanity and generosity of spirit round out the picture.

These qualities are quite evident among all of ArtBookGuy's choices for the 60 Super Hot Artists For 2016.

ArtBookGuy created this list, now in its fifth straight year, out of the simple desire to spotlight and encourage striving artists. These artists are warm, approachable and their work is available to the general public. This is not a ranking and it’s not meant as an insult to artists who are not on the list. The artists are those who’ve all done interviews with ArtBookGuy and they’re listed in no particular order.

Though they differ, they all share ArtBookGuy's commitment to expanding the audience for contemporary art in fresh and exciting ways. These are just a few of the talents who've maintained the potential for reshaping how we perceive contemporary art in the future.

In short, they're the real deal and are built to last.  But don't take ArtBookGuy's word for it.  Check 'em all out for yourself.  ArtBookGuy has conducted in depth interviews with each and every one of them for your reading pleasure.  Don’t forget to click on the links to their websites and see their work with your own eyes.  Email them!  Their work is for sale.

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60 Super Hot Artists for 2016