You cannot do this unless you’re supremely comfortable with being alone.

Art has taught me and commanded me to be alone with it. Though it’s often communal, nothing is more profound than standing there in the midst and just basking at the site or sound or touch of it.

It stimulates your emotions, your intellect and your spirit. Art teaches you creativity. For example, I’m sitting here, writing raw. By that I mean I’m completely open to inspiration and I’m literally being a vessel in this very moment for the words to flow through me.

I’m not editing myself. Not right now anyway.

I know you think I’m writing these words and I am indeed, but what’s really happening is inspiration and spirit. These words are flowing and I’m merely typing. I am obediently writing as I’m being led. Picture me sitting here with musical notes and elegant words swirling above my head and all around me … and as they move through me, they’re flowing through my fingertips, into this keyboard, through the internet and across your screen where they’re dancing before your lovely and hopefully, completely enchanted eyes.

It’s a groove thing. Are you feeling it? This is what art has taught me.

In order to be expressive, you must respect expression. This is another great lesson of art. There’s a certain amount of faith and “letting go” involved in this. If I focus on “ME,” I can forget about inspiration and flow. However, if I just open my mind and my arms and my spirit to inspiration, the words won’t only come, they will pour through me.

This was not planned. These words that you’re reading right now weren’t on today’s schedule. I was hit by inspiration while enjoying my salmon and salad. Suddenly, I got a spark and dashed for my computer.

I am merely writing … simply and hopefully eloquently, but simplicity and eloquence aren’t really the goals. Connection is the goal. Authenticity is the path.

Second guessing myself or caring what you think must go out the window. They cannot be considerations in this process. I have to let them go in order to be authentic and create something worthwhile.

Yes, I can force things and go for the formula, but where’s the fun in that? Make your plans, but go with the flow. This is what art has taught me.

If you are awake to life and you connect with art, you’ll see that each one of us, although we appear to be the same and our work may appear to be similar, we are unique. Art has taught me that we can be the same, but even in that similarity, we’re still unique.

Twins are the same, but aren’t they different?

Art has taught me that it’s our purpose to tap into who we are for the purpose of being who we are. When we learn who we are and nourish who we are, we connect with our own unique sense of power and contribution. This unique contribution is what we can offer the world.

With this realization, the rat race dissolves as our priority. Of course, we may still be in it, but we’re no longer of it. You gotta eat, but you don’t have to creep or claw or backstab or cook up plots to get ahead … not anymore.

You can be free. This is what art has taught me. Free yourself.

With art, it’s so easy to get caught up in spiritual mumbo-jumbo and weird double talk, but while art is of this world, it’s also other-worldly. Isn’t that the whole point? Isn’t it the point of art to get inspired and aspire to something different? Something better? Something that seems impossible yet has become possible simply because we envision it? Simply because we believe?

I don’t know. Call me crazy. This really is a matter of faith. Faith and not sight. You have to believe. You have to believe in what art can do for you.

First, you must open your eyes and see that there are other possibilities for you. Life isn’t only about THIS OR THAT, it’s about ALL of it. It’s about the whole thing … the whole kit and caboodle. Caboodle? I’ve been dying to use that word … and out of nowhere, there it is.

What exactly is a caboodle anyway? I’ll save that for another day.

I know that I’m making perfect sense here, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far with me, No?

Art stimulates thought … thought stimulates examination … examination stimulates awareness … awareness stimulates empowerment … empowerment stimulates desire for change … and desire for change stimulates action.

I could go on with the stimulation, but I’ll end it there. Things may get messy.

Thought and action are on the same chain link fence. While the status quo loves chain link fences, it hates thought and it despises action. This is what art has taught me.

Art has taught me that it’s not only important, but it’s crucial that I use my own mind. Using one’s own mind is the main ingredient of empowerment.

Art has taught me that it’s okay, in fact, often necessary to be alone. But are you really ever alone when you’re alone? We’re part of a vast universe. God watches over everything at all times. To learn this is to know the art of living.

When you’ve cultivated a relationship with God and then a kinship with art, this is a “know-brainer” as opposed to no-brainer. Cute? Perhaps. Gospel truth? Absolutely.

I don’t know. I’m just spouting off in this moment. The words are swirling around my head and I’m orchestrating and embracing them. Hopefully we’re both growing as each word pours from these fingertips. I’m merely typing with abandon, if not full surrender.

Art has indeed taught me to surrender and walk on the path that will lead me to what I’m meant to become as opposed to who I think I should be. Yes, I’m steering my own life, but I’m also being led. I’m in the driver’s seat, but God is navigating … or am I navigating and God is in the driver’s seat?

No matter. I’m here for the drive and the ride. The ride is alternately bumpy and smooth … up and down … curved and straight. Despite the scenario, I’m buckled up for the long haul.

And as I walk on this journey, I know that none of this is possible without the most important element of all … Grace. Yes … Grace with a capital, “G.”

If you’ve been blessed with “Grace” with a capital “G,” then how can you not in turn be gracious? If you’re gracious, you certainly know it all comes and goes and ebbs and flows. It’s all part of the process … and the journey.

If you don’t have a personal relationship with art, see what you’ve been missing?  This is not to be missed. Get some for yourself … while you still have time. Be gracious. Please share. Art is for everyone. It’s the art of living.

This is what art has taught me.



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