In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Hang with me dear reader. I just got a burst of inspiration and dashed over here to my laptop.  I think you’ll totally “get” where I’m going with this.

When God was done, He stood back and said, “Yeah, it’s good.”  And after a short rest, He thought about making human beings, presumably the first of whom being Adam and Eve.  Yet before their epic decision-making, God blessed them and told them to, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

Keep in mind, this was during a pretty fruitful period for God himself.  He had just finished creating the very first masterpieces – that we know of - Heaven and Earth and he had already conceived of man and woman.  Hang with me … I won’t go long.

Now … “Be fruitful and multiply.” Isn’t it interesting that that’s one of the first things God said to man and woman?  Be fruitful and multiply.  For argument’s sake, what exactly does that mean?

Well … God was telling them to enjoy!  Creation was made to be enjoyed.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Yet He was also infusing man and woman with the very same spirit of creativity that He possessed.  God was telling them to use that creativity to be fruitful or prolific in their own endeavors, but He was also telling them to – have sex – create more human beings so that the earth could be filled with even more creative and fruitful people.

In short my friend, it was an art party.  We were born to create.

God didn’t place any conditions on their creativity because He saw that creativity – minus evil influence of course – was GOOD.  It’s the very same thing that artists feel when they’ve completed a painting or sculpture.  It’s good.  It’s also the very same thing I feel when I know I’m done writing an essay.  I feel that it’s good.  Nothing more need be added or subtracted.  It’s good.  It’s complete.  After creating, I feel whole and new again … up to date.

Now here’s where I’m actually going with all of this.

The other day, I was wondering why it is that so many people take up creative endeavors either just before or after they retire.  It’s almost a cliché.  Your mom worked as an attorney for 40 years and now she’s a master gardener.  What?  Your dad slaved away as a mailman for more than half of his life and now he’s a solo guitarist and poet playing smoky bars all up and down the east coast.  Like … where did THAT come from?

Your sister divorces her husband after 20 years and now she’s living in Santa Fe where she’s a jewelry designer.  Who saw THAT coming?

Right now, I’m thinking about George W. Bush.  This lifelong politician and former U.S. President is now an artist?  Really?  I mean, how did THAT happen?  The art world surely could’ve used more support from him while he was in office.

But I won’t get on a soapbox.

In short, if those art, writing, theater or otherwise creativity-developing classes don’t stick with us in kindergarten, first and second grades, they clearly come back to haunt us later in life.  Somehow, those early art lessons resurface in us.  Why?  I mean, where does it come from, this urge to create? 

I don’t know about you, but I believe we were born to create.  Creativity of some form was infused into our DNA prior to even “Day One” of our lives on this earth.  The classes simply channeled and refined that … and as we grew older, we turned away from our own creativity believing that we needed something better or more practical in our lives.  Bills, rent, money, reality.

Here’s something else … I recently interviewed artist A.J. Nadel.  He’s also an ophthalmologist and retina specialist in New York.  Go figure.  Anyway, I asked him why he thought so many people go “full force” into creative pursuits as they get older.  His response is brilliant and right on the money.  Here’s what he said:

“It may be due to an increased confidence in oneself so that there is less fear of “speaking out” or it may be the need to finally say something while there is still time. Perhaps experience has provided insights which need expression ...”

I must add here that every single artist I’ve interviewed says that they create simply because they cannot NOT do it.  There is something inside of them that inspires and pushes them make things ... paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, installations, whatever.  There is no decision making involved.  They just do it.  The same goes for me and writing.  I got the idea to write these very words while I was in the shower.  And as I said earlier, I felt like I got hit by a bolt of lightning and I literally couldn’t wait to hop onto this computer and jot down these words.

We are born to create.  Be fruitful and multiply.  Hmm ...

We all have free will that takes us in different directions.  We all have different beliefs … or we have no belief at all.  We all have our own minds and values.  We all make our own choices.  I believe that all of those things come from the God-given urges that we have to create and “leave a mark” of some sort while we are here.

Fame?  Money?  Success?  Power?  They have their advantages, but none of those things have directly given birth to masterpieces.  No, not one.

Historians and scientists have so many theories about “caveman drawings.”  Why did they make those markings?  Were they making art?  Were they leaving messages behind that they knew we’d see?  Were they simply expressing themselves?  I say, “Yes, Yes and Yes.”

They were creating.  They just got up and did it.  I highly doubt cavemen were sitting around questioning their creativity. 

God created.  Adam and Eve created (a mess). I create and you create.  Even animals create.  Insects create.  Creativity comes with the gig.  You just have to tap into it.  Trust it.  Respect it.  Do it.

You can ignore it if you’d like, but creativity like energy itself cannot be created nor destroyed.  Creativity is energy.  Creativity is bad-ass.  

We can hold things within ourselves for only so long.  But they must come forth.  We are vessels.  Even while I’m writing these words, it’s as if the words are flowing through me.  I MUST share my thoughts with you.  They are pouring out.

No one and I mean no one leaves this earth without creating something.  It could be a painting, a baby or even a bad attitude … unfortunately.  Still, there’s no denying … believe what you want and say what you want, but at the end of the day … we can’t help but to be fruitful and multiply.  Seems to me that creative people have God on speed dial.  Kindred spirits.

We were born to create … and we ARE born to create.

Yeah, it’s good.  


Art Is Inspiration