Victor is a French artist who I met on social media.  He specializes in fine art photography.  He doesn’t have a lot of work posted on his website because he says it takes him a long time to process his images.  His photos of doorways are indeed intriguing.

He wrote me a nice email about himself and his work. He speaks broken English, but you’ll understand him for the most part.  Isn’t that what talking about art is all about?


Hello Michael!

I really appreciate your interviews … I am a French artist who travels around the world to constitute a special collection of fine art photos. My art work questions the intimate relation between the inside and the outside of ourself. That's a spiritual way to travel through the human being - using art.

The trips started when I was visiting the Angkor temples in Cambodia. The second spiritual area that I visited was the City of Fès in Morocco (photos are not available yet, because my process of selection is very long).  I am preparing the next step.

Thanks a lot!


Victor Elars