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((Excerpt from, "Art For The People: A Collector's Journal"))

Aren’t you long overdue?  I feel like I am.

The thought occurred to me as I was walking down 8th avenue on my way to the Pulse Art Fair 2010.  I had just left Scope where I had nice chats with art dealer Andreas Kuefer and artist David Datuna.  I was going to ride the subway, but decided to take the long walk so that I could drink my Manhattan and get inspired.

As I walked, it hit me in the face.  I was flooded, almost overwhelmed by this feeling of discontent.  It wasn’t me, but I saw it in some of the faces of the people I passed on the street.  Even though it was Sunday, the hustle and bustle made it clear that these folks weren’t completely free of commitment, deadlines or stress.

New York used to be a city where practically everyone always looked upward in awe at the skyscrapers.  Dreaming and aspiring seemed easier.  Now, many are looking downward at their handheld mobile devices … we’re now more like automatons … overscheduled, overloaded and pre-programmed.  We’re searching for something outside of ourselves in that black hole in the palm of our hands.  We’re put upon, put down and disrespected.  Does it always have to be this way?


Take action.  The time is now.  Let the anger, dissatisfaction and sick and tiredness of your life rise up in you.  Face it.  Feel it coursing through your veins like the poison you continue to put up with on a daily basis.  You’ll start to tremor and then you’ll reach the breaking point. Suddenly, it’s time for a radical change.

“Enough already!” you’ll shout.  “Enough of the beer gut … enough of the lousy job … enough of the crappy marriage!”

Now, it’s so very clear.  You don’t want to spend another single moment of your life this way.  You’re finally rising to the occasion.  It’s time to hit the gym, update your résumé or file for divorce.  You’ve put up with this mess for too long.  How could it have gone this far?

It’s up to you, you know.  You’re in the driver’s seat.  Besides, who else cares?  The government?  The government tends to its business, but who is tending to yours?  I’m sharing this with you, but I’m really saying it to myself. 

Yes, it’s time to stage an uprising.  Not necessarily political or social, but a personal one … an uprising in your own life.  It’s drama time.  Why not launch a coup?  Overthrow old systems, clean out defeatist thoughts and get rid of the hangers on. 

It’s time for something new.  You know it is.  It may only involve you, but you’re the key player.  No you … no chance … no life.  Once you die, that’s it … no more chances to rise.  You’re six feet under until further notice.

Ultimately, what’s the point in trying to change the world if you’re not willing to change your own life?  The new world order begins with you.  Look yourself in the mirror and decide to rise.  You’ve been down for far too long.  If others want to come along for the ride, fantastic … if not, “See Yuh!”  We all have our personal journeys.  You can care for others, but not control them.  Isn’t controlling yourself tough enough? 

How much longer can you float belly up in the muck and mud of your life?  Misery is such a downer.  The sky is so much more promising.  Let’s go up.

Yes, it’s time for an uprising!  It doesn’t have to be political or social.  This time, it’s personal.  You can have an uprising in your own life. 

As you eye yourself in the mirror, just summon up the warrior deep down inside you and raise your fist above your head and scream, shout or yell that magic phrase that’ll set you on the path to freedom … Ready?  Here we go…


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