Earlier today, I was chatting my artist friend Wolfgang Stiller.

I was telling him that I thought he should join another social media platform because it would give him “more exposure.”

The platform I mentioned doesn’t matter. Why give them free publicity while they’re shifting to paid models even as we speak?

Anyway, Wolf told me that he really didn’t want to take on yet another platform because social media is already too time consuming. He’s absolutely right.

And then, I had an epiphany. It has to do with the things we consider “time consuming.”

When you think about it, isn’t everything, “time consuming”? I mean absolutely everything we do eats up our time. Even doing nothing is time consuming.

We always think that nothing is nothing, but nothing is actually something when it comes to time. In fact, nothing is a BIG something when it comes to the clock.

Here’s my point … stop reading this for a moment and just close your eyes and sit still for 60 seconds. Ready? Go ahead. I’ll be here when you get back…


Okay, now what did you take away from that? You sat there doing nothing for 60 seconds. In those precious seconds that you cannot possibly get back, doing nothing actually filled the time.

Doing nothing is actually doing something. It may not amount to much, but if nothing else, it’s certainly time consuming. Nothingness expanded to fill the time you might have spent doing something else.

I think at issue here – and what Wolf was saying – is that we usually consider things “time consuming” when we either don’t see them as being worth our investment or when we simply don’t want to do them.

I mean, just consider this for a moment. I’m sitting here chatting with you. What we’re doing now is way more than nothing, but is it ultimately consequential?

You could probably make a case that what we’re doing right now is “time consuming” or translation … a waste of time.

However, I must say that I never consider sitting down and chatting with you, “time consuming.” I actually believe that this is time well spent.

I’m not sure what I’m getting out of this other than merely putting my thoughts down on paper, but while I admit this is consuming time, it’s not time consuming.

Don’t you wish you could get back all of the time you spent on doing time consuming things? We could probably get at least four years back. Four years is a significant amount of time. Just imagine all that you might have done in four years.

You could be President of the United States in four years. Ugh. Let’s not go there. Sorry.

Anyway, my point is … well … what is my point?

My point is that as we get older, we realize that we’ve got less and less time to waste. I agree with Wolf. I simply don’t want to spend time doing things that seem time consuming to me.

If you’re doing something that feels time consuming, you may as well be watching grass grow. It’s like wasting time … unless you’re the grass itself.

Can you imagine what grass might say if it could speak on this subject? Let’s imagine for a moment …

GRASS: “Excuse me, but did I just hear you say you consider watching me grow, ‘time consuming?’ Well, I’ll have you know that I’m not just sitting out here! I’m trying to make your lawn look good ‘for you.’ And believe me you, this is NO PICNIC!”

The grass is clearly pissed off at this point as it continues on to say …

“Since watching me grow is so ‘time consuming,’ as you call it, how’s about I just turn brown and shrivel up? Why don’t you take THAT and shove it up your lawn mower!”


Okay, let me just be the first to say here that there may be something wrong with a writer who not only personifies grass, but actually gives grass dialogue ... and angry dialogue at that.

Yes, this was all inspired by a short, online exchange with Wolf.

I don’t know. Has this been time consuming or just a flat out waste of time?

No offense Wolf. 



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