If ever there were a time, it’s now.

Something has happened. There’s been a shift. A major shift.

People seem more anxious, more nervous, more fearful. Fear is ruling the day. Fear has grabbed ahold of us and we won’t let go.

Notice I just said, WE won’t let it go. It’s not that fear won’t flee. We won’t let it flee because we’re holding onto it for dear life.

It’s the ultimate in irony, this holding onto fear. If fear could talk, it would probably say …

“I’ve had it! Let me GO!” “You are wearing ME out!”

But of course, we won’t let fear go. Remember … we live in the consumer age. We must buy … buy … buy. It almost doesn’t matter what it is. Just BUY it. We must constantly accumulate things. We’re not letting anything go without a blood bath. This is fear.

I just heard a minister on TV say that our fears are usually focused on what we’re afraid of losing. That implies to me that if we simply let go of what we’re afraid of losing, the fear will flee.

The biggest fear I’m noticing is the fear of speaking one’s truth. I’m not talking about speaking out. There are many brave souls out there who are marching, rallying and demonstrating. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the fear people now have to simply state their opinions in a calm, rational way.

People aren’t afraid to speak out. Speaking out usually happens once the damage has been done. It happens after the fact. You might argue that people speak out from pure desperation. It’s their last resort ... after the fact. Speaking out usually involves a crowd of adrenalin-pumped, like-minded people, so it doesn't take much courage to speak out when you're among a bunch of people shouting ...


However, speaking up is another issue. Speaking up means that you’re speaking truth to power right there in the office. You’re in house. You’re right there in front of your colleagues and the boss. You’ve got the microphone. Are you speaking up?

Of course not. You’ve got a job and your livelihood to think about.

This is a job for artists. Where are the artists? Artists? Are you there?

Silly me. I forgot. They’re afraid too. Well, if the artists are afraid, then what hope have we got?

We need painters, sculptors, writers, singers, dancers, philosophers, teachers, preachers, photographers and anyone else with a single creative, perceptive or brave bone in their body to step up and speak up.

Remember … speaking out and speaking up are different. Speaking out is basically lashing out with your tongue, but speaking up means you’re calmly yet effectively speaking your truth. You’re speaking “up” to everyone’s highest possibilities. It’s not only about you. It’s about finding solutions for all of us.

Artists, you’re always talking about being free, strong and determined to use your own voice. Well, here’s your chance. We need you. Are you there?

Times are tense. We are not well. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you see it? We’re not evolving right now, we’re contracting. We’re regressing. We’re reverting back to our primal nature. Everything now seems to be about the lowest common denominator.

Everything seems lewd and crude like a horrid reality TV show. We’re swimming in our own rancid flesh and it doesn’t smell or taste good ... at all. Everything seems to be about getting by and being unapologetically "gangsta" in the process.

This is an unsustainable model. We are on the bubble bigtime.

Somebody needs to stand up and write about this. Somebody needs to paint this. Somebody needs to sing about this. Somebody needs to photograph this. Somebody needs to talk about this.

The best way for evil to prosper is for us to sit back with our feet up and eat popcorn while watching the freak show.

Somebody needs to speak up. Artists, where are you? You always say you were born to do this. Well, let’s get going. 


The time for artists is now.



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