It gives you freedom or frustration depending on how you look at it.

Neither here nor there, not this or that, it can be both, neither or in-between.  How's that for painting a picture?  Maybe it's a color thing.

It's all about expression whether it be depression, elation or confusion.  Again ... it's one, the other, all of them ... or none of the above.

In short, it's multiple choice run amok ... the moodiest of mood making.

Could there be a sloppier mess or is that a masterpiece amid the seeming madness?  I see the difference.  Do you?  Take another look.  Keep looking.  Lose yourself in the swirl.  If you're doing it right, you'll be smiling ... or crying.  I think it's a form thing.

I know. I know. You think you can do that too.  Some folks think their toddlers or even puppies can do it as well.  Even though they can't, that's the whole point ... Finding yourself and your own possibilities amid this mysterious mix. 

Look!  There's paint all over the place!  It's bliss ... or is it chaos?

It's seems so easy to do, but how about trying it with our very lives?  Just throw your life around like paint and let everything fall where it may.  It'll be a crap-filled concoction. Life is an unpredictable crapshoot anyway, isn't it?  The more I try to control the process, the more life laughs at me.

Without emotion, meditation and letting go, it just won't happen.  That goes for painting it AND looking at the finished product. Done well, it'll rock your world if you take the stick out of your ass.  Could it be an empty spaces thing?

It takes time and skill to make this creation seem like either a jumbled mess or a tidy representation of something certain. That's the catch.  That goes for not just a painting, but life as well.

As they say, it is what it is, but what is it exactly? That's up to you or me ... or both ... or neither.  Maybe it's about reading signs amid those lines.

I don't know.  I give up.  Stop over-thinking it.  But that's the thrill ...

LET GO.  It's abstract. 



Dressed To Kill