You know, I've been noticing something.

Is it me or does the term "artist" get thrown around a lot these days?  It seems like everyone is an "artist." Actors have become "artists," singers and musicians are now "artists" and even some technician types call themselves, "artists."

I totally get it.  Generally, when you raise your profession to a level of excellence, it's revered as "art" and people are completely free to call themselves "artists" if they wish ... more power to you.  Rock on.

Still, let's keep in mind that the TRUE artists are visual artists: painters, sculptors, creative photographers and conceptual artists.

Art isn't only about the finished product.  It's also about the often ugly underside that comes with the gig.  Visual artists LIVE and BREATH this daily.  No one does it better.  If you want the glamour of calling yourself an "artist," prepare yourself for the trenches with the tried and true.  It gets dirty.


By the way, let me just add that I spend a LOT of time chatting with artists and I've found that the people most worthy of the title are often the most reluctant to accept it.  Everyone else just seems to be pretenders to the throne.

Isn't that interesting?