So, I’m sitting here after an explosion of sorts.

I’ve just opened a nice package of chocolates that came with a little something extra. I got it after completing a certification course and one of the lovely ladies in class decided to gift everyone with something special. Great.

Because no one turns down chocolate, I accepted the gift. They say that a present is something that the giver wants you to have, but a gift is something you actually want.

Who doesn’t want chocolate? And completing a certification class calls for celebration. Doesn’t it?

Yet I wasn’t expecting this package of chocolate kisses to come complete with lots of little, silver stars inside. As I fought to open the package, they splattered out all over my kitchen counter.

These days, no “gift” comes without an admission price.

Given the starry mess, I just had to come and chat with you about this. I mean, this has got to be the most quintessentially girly gift I’ve ever received. For me, even saying, “quintessentially girly” is suspect, isn’t it?

A package full of silver stars ... splattered all over the kitchen counter. I guess she got them in bulk at a craft store or somewhere.

Instantly after they went flying, I knew I had to write something. I mean, what I am supposed to do with this? I can’t imagine what a red-blooded, American male (straight or gay – no offense) would do with a package of stars.

What was she thinking? Am I missing something? Am I supposed to be doing something with this glittery trash?

You know, this really reminds me that men and women think very differently. We often see things very differently. Often, it’s not about right or wrong. It’s mainly merely about differences … differences in perception and differences in general. Apart from the obvious differences, this is really what makes men and women different. Thank God.

I recall watching this TV talk show not long ago in which the women on the panel were complaining about men. They were questioning why men aren’t more intuitive and why we don’t just “know” what women are thinking.

One of the women actually said that she believes that the man who truly loves her will usually “know” what she’s thinking and feeling. I’ve also had women say that to me.

Ironically, I’ve never had the words to respond to that up until right now. Here we go …

Okay … when on earth did clairvoyance become a prerequisite for any great relationship? I mean, I can barely get through the day with my own self-esteem intact let alone know what any woman who I may (or may not) love might be thinking and feeling.

I once had a girlfriend tell me, “You made me feel bad about myself!”

I MADE you feel bad about yourself?

Wow, I didn’t realize I had that much power. Maybe I can use that same power and clairvoyance to help me select the winning Powerball numbers or build a bridge across the entire Atlantic Ocean. That would be great!

Not too long ago, I also heard a woman say, quoting here, “Men would be great if they could think more like women!”

Well … here’s the thing … that woman is actually getting her wish.

More and more men ARE thinking more like women … and they’ve got proof.

Caitlyn Jenner anyone?  Am I wrong?

Also, I still hear some women complaining about how their boyfriends won’t commit. They’re desperate to get these guys down the aisle.

This always causes me to wonder …

Why would you want a guy who clearly doesn’t want to commit to marry you?  Don’t you want someone who wants you without any manipulation on your part? 

Could it be that he won’t COMMIT … or … that he won’t SUBMIT to your wishes?

I don’t know. Just askin’.

Again … men and women often see things very differently. I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but it needs repeating.

I know an artist who told me that he was glad that he and his wife were divorcing. After asking him about it, he told me that his wife (now ex-wife) had so many insecurities that he felt he had to be someone else in order to reassure and help her.

Sounds like that was hell to me. You find someone who you believe you can be yourself with, only to learn that in order to endure the relationship, you have to be someone else.

In conclusion … I don’t know … IS there a conclusion? I’m not sure how to wrap this all up.

Men and women think very differently. It’s not only our physical design that’s different, it’s literally how our brains are wired … differently.

I really think God knew what He was doing. Ironically, whenever I need help, I really think it always works better for me to consult FIRST with a woman. Women catch things that men just don’t notice. What they catch can really save your ass.

I don’t know.

All’s I can say is … this is what happens when I break open a bag of chocolates and stars … and the stars go flying all over the place.

It was a quintessentially girly moment.




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