There’s something about it that seems so inviting.

Perhaps it’s the sound of it … or maybe it’s the physiological rush that you feel running through your body when someone says it …


See what I mean?  It feels much better than “No,” doesn’t it?  Suddenly, upon utterance, your world opens up with possibilities.  Merely seconds ago, you were drowning in the depth of despair and now, one simple, three-letter word has changed not only the scope of your day, but likely the course of your entire life.


Aren’t you smiling right now?  I mean, it has such a lovely ring to it.  It’s what everyone wants to hear.  It’s what men who propose to their girlfriends want to hear, it’s what job applicants want to hear, it’s what club goers standing outside the velvet rope want to hear, it’s what real estate agents want to hear and it’s what artists seeking representation at prestigious galleries still want to hear…

Yes … yes … YES!

There’s such power in that little word.  People often stake their entire future on it.  I actually got the idea to write this one … because after having written, “The Power of No” long ago, I knew I’d have to write, “The Power of Yes.”

I’m sure that you have your own examples of “Yes,” in action, but here’s mine.  Indulge me (in other words, say yes) …

When God said, “Let there be light!”  He was saying “Yes,” to creation.  He picked up his paintbrush and potter’s wheel and got busy.  It was the ultimate affirmation.  Indeed.

When you hear the word “Yes,” it’s almost as if the Red Sea is parting before you.  Isn’t it?  It’s as if you can see everything so clearly.  The fog has lifted and now you can actually see what’s ahead of you and you can move forward.

That’s the power of yes.  It provides clarity and with clarity comes confidence and perhaps more importantly, hope.  Yes usually means hope and hope means that you can march onward with your master plan.

I think that the power of yes is perhaps at its best when you keep hearing, “No.”  If you can keep your composure, confidence and focus after constantly hearing “No,” you eventually learn that it’s mathematically impossible that “Yes” won’t eventually come around.  In other words, when you keep hearing “No,” a “Yes” is on its way.  You just have to hold on.  That’s the power of yes.

Yes is energizing.  Say “Yes” to life.  Do you know why you should?  Because there’s something magnetic about that word that puts you into this universal, metaphysical space that draws more positive energy to you.  People like people who say yes and they want to be around them ... unless you’re a “Yes Man,” which of course is a totally different thing.  Yes means you can get going.  It means the waiting is over and now it’s time to get busy.

Let’s try this together.  For the next week, upon waking up each morning, just shout out … “YES!”  See where this takes you.  The power of yes should set the tone for your entire day.

It’s such a lovely word.  In fact, I would say that “Yes” is the great equalizer.  Everyone wants to hear it regardless of race, religion, gender, class, culture or even period in history.  From the very beginning and until the bitter end, everyone will want to hear “Yes” at least a thousand times in their lives.  It’s simply how we’re built as humans.  It’s human nature.

Of course, no one wants to hear yes if it means something bad, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.  For the most part, we associate yes with good things.  Yes means … well … yes.  It means go ahead.  It means you’ve been given the green light.  So long traffic!

Yes isn’t only a mood changer.  It’s a game changer.  Yes means the sun is shining on you even on a cloudy day.  Yes means that even while your enemies are plotting against you, you’ve still got a life line.  Yes means you may be down, but you’re definitely not out. 

Yes is a new lease on life.  Yes is an open window.  Yes is a refreshing waterfall pouring down on you.  Yes is a regal red carpet unfurling before you.  Yes is like money in the bank.  Yes is a day on Miami Beach. Yes is a trip to the moon.  Yes is a beautiful affirmation. Yes is where it’s at.

Of course, saying yes also comes at a cost.  It usually means you’re going to have to be responsible for something.  That comes with the gig.  Yes is not a chump.  Yes isn’t always easy … so buckle up.

Still, it remains the one word we all want to hear … and as often as possible.  And given that my dear friend, I’ll do you a great favor.  While I’m not a genie in a bottle, I will say what you want to hear … just for the heck of it.


Power up!



The Power of No