You can look at this world and view everything that’s going on as either profound tragedy or dark comedy.

I mean, seriously. We refuse to learn the simplest of lessons.

Let’s start with wealth distribution. That’s always fun, unless you’re living in poverty.

I don’t care where you stand when it comes to politics. You can support Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Luke Skywalker or Donald Duck for all I care.

How on earth is it even possible that a fraction of the top one-percent of the world’s super-rich own more than half of the world’s monetary wealth? Shouldn’t more people have questions about this?

We seem to have a split personality on this issue. We either cheer on the super-rich simply because that’s who we’re aspiring to be and so we treat them like royalty, worthy of every bit of adoration they receive. The presumption here is often that the wealthiest people on the planet made their money the old fashioned way – “they EARNED it” – and that they’re honest and forthright paragons of virtue which explains why they’re so wealthy and worthy of our adulation.

On the other hand, we might also hold them in contempt because we suspect that Honore de Balzac was correct when he wrote that you can find corruption behind every great fortune. I mean, how can you feel comfortable being a multi-billionaire when other people, mere miles away are living in squalor?

Sure, you give millions and millions away to charity each year. Thank you. We appreciate that very much, but some folks might ask, isn’t it in your best interest to maintain the status quo?

I’m not sure whether this is tragic drama or rip-roaring comedy.

Also, we seem to be seeing the re-emergence of dictatorial-type leaders who are literally taking liberties with their power, launching nuclear test missiles, gassing their own people, mocking the less fortunate and being supernaturally unapologetic about nearly everything they do.

Am I the only one seeing this? I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh.

In addition, everyone is walking around with handheld devices and staring down into them as if they contain the answers to all of the mysteries of life. Exactly what are we expecting to see in our iPhones? Believe me, I’m just as guilty as the next person. Is the view down there somehow better than looking up at the true-blue sky?

What’s going on?

More and more, we’re hearing far too many politicians say things that make absolutely no sense. I mean NO SENSE. What they’re saying is absolute, unmistakable, completely ridiculous, NONSENSE.

They may as well be speaking gibberish when they answer questions because it would make no difference. And what’s more, they’re actually getting away with it.

Why are they getting away with it? Because people are asleep. People are utterly asleep … or they’re staring down into their handheld devices.

I think there may be secret, invisible beams in those devices that bore into our skulls and suck out our brain waves. It even empties out our common sense.

Have you noticed that when anything goes wrong these days, it catches everyone’s attention, then everyone looks around at one another with quizzical expressions on their faces, they hunch up their shoulders and throw their hands in the air as if to say, “I don’t know!” and everyone goes right back to whatever they were doing.

“Not my problem!” we say. This is what actually makes it our problem down the road.

I mean, what’s it gonna take to really wake people up? We elect corrupt people and then we claim to be surprised when we find them doing corrupt things in office.

What were you expecting exactly?

And then, when people do get organized enough to take some sort of civic action, it’s long after the major damage has been done. It’s like giving your dog a chew toy and then reprimanding him for playing with it.

It feels that as the institutions we know and the world around us crumble, people are becoming even more frenzied in their personal campaigns to get whatever it is they’re seeking in this life.

The house with the picket fence, the Mercedes, the country club membership, you fill in the blank for yourself. But what’s the point of having these things if we’re killing ourselves in the process?

Case in point …

I recall watching a report on air pollution in China. It was simply stunning to see literally fog-like air pollution and people wearing face masks in a nation that’s also seeing a rise in its wealthy class.

Again, I don’t care where you stand politically. But what’s the point in being a billionaire if you can’t even breathe the outdoor air?

Is this a joke?

Of course, this leads me to the whole global warming thing. Look, whether you believe in global warming or not isn’t really the point. But regardless of our personal beliefs, shouldn’t we be working to keep the environment healthy and clean anyway?

You take a shower everyday and you keep your house and workplace reasonably clean. Why would we not want to keep the environment clean? You don’t have to be a “tree hugger” to agree with that. Clean house, clean air. Aren’t they really the same thing?

Am I missing something? This feels like common sense to me.

How on earth is it possible that the earth is 75% water and yet we’re having trouble getting clean water to millions of people?

Why do we seem obsessed with populating the earth with self-driving cars and nobody seems to be concerned about the crappy condition of our roads? And has driving suddenly become so challenging that we can no longer keep our hands on the steering wheel, our eyes on the road and our feet on the gas and brakes?

What is going on?

How is it that millions of people in the world are starving while some nations dump out tons and tons of food on a daily basis?

How is it that we’re taking pills for practically everything these days and yet we seem surprised that we’ve got a huge, drug epidemic across the nation?

How is it that we want to know everything – because after all, we’ve got handheld devices – and we turn to the press for information and yet, when journalists inform us, we throw rotten tomatoes at them?

I know, I know. I’ve got a bleeding heart. Frankly, I don’t see this in terms of politics AT ALL. It just seems like common sense to me.

We’ve long been in the place where we turn everything into a reason for a long, drawn-out political debate. Things that are pure common sense have become fodder to use in attacking someone’s character.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh about this. Perhaps both.

It all just feels and seems like the ultimate in human folly.

What? I know, I know. You’re hunching up your shoulders and throwing your hands in the air right now and saying … “I don’t know!”

It feels like both a profound tragedy and dark comedy. Sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin your day.

Let’s carry on with the charade.



Thrown Under the Bus