It's the red, neon-flashing elephant that just caught fire in the middle of the room and yet no one sees it.

Actually, let me correct that.

It's the red, neon-flashing elephant that's fully engulfed in flames, sirens have been going off, it's right smack in the middle of your crowded, sitting circle and yet everyone is avoiding or ignoring it.

How on earth can this be?  

Denial is the obvious answer as nearly everyone pretends to be oblivious to the problem. It's too hot to touch let alone handle. Who needs yet another problem?

And so, here we sit in our discussion group of all places, ignoring the issue that isn't vanishing with our relentless denial. It's only getting bigger.

It's cramming the room and squeezing us out. We're catching fire.

As this happens, you look around and see everyone's eyes glazing over. You know damn well they see it, but even as the fire builds beneath and around them, it's somehow still easier to pretend it's not there. Apparently life in the hot seat is much easier than facing the hard truth.

We simply refuse to talk about it.

If you're asking, "What's he talking about?" You are part of the problem. You know full well.

Now ... the truth has become a tsunami. It's everywhere. It's inescapable. It's all around you. It has engulfed us. It's now a plague ... a plague of locusts, a plague of frogs, a plague of darkness, a plague of plagues.

Could it get any worse? Apparently it can. No one seems to be "getting it." Actually, we "get it," but we just don't want to deal with it, so we put on our lame, poker faces. 

We think that our denial will actually convince people that we don't know, but you're only making yourself look like an idiot. Everyone is totally talking about you behind your back.

Is this a joke or a tragedy? This big, red, neon-flashing, flame-throwing elephant in the middle of the room is ridiculous, but it's only doing its job. It's not the elephant's fault. We created the elephant. We're feeding the elephant.

How much longer will we go?

Apparently, we’re willing to go the full distance into the depths of the abyss without acknowledging the elephant in the room.

We love denial. Denial is very convenient. Denial is our warm and fuzzy safe place. Yet with every denial, something crazy is happening. The elephant is eating our denial. 

The elephant that we created is simply eating what it's being fed and it's getting bigger ... and Bigger ... and BIGGER ... and BIGGER ... and BIGGER ...



Thrown Under the Bus