((Essay from: "Art In King Size Beds: A Collector's Journal.))

It's intangible and inexplicable. It doesn't matter whether the piece is figurative, abstract, surreal or not real. "The Absolute Yes!" guides me.

It's usually a snap decision, yet ALWAYS a "soul" decision. Consideration is an afterthought. The soul already knows what it wants and needs. If the piece speaks to me, then it's for me. It may be beautiful or ugly, but if "The Absolute Yes!" kicks in, it's a done deal. I remember walking into a shop one day and seeing this still-life painting on a wall. I smiled. Less than five minutes later, I had paid for it and was walking back out the door. Little did I know.

It doesn't matter whether the artist is male, female, Jew, Gentile, black or white. "The Absolute Yes!" is the ultimate decision maker. With most of the artwork I've acquired, the decision to buy has been instantaneous. I try not to second-guess this. However, speed is NOT the real factor. Again, it's about connecting with the piece in an almost spiritual way. You just KNOW.

Ultimately, I think it's about enthusiasm. I actually use, "The Absolute Yes!" in other areas of my life as well. Do I want to visit a gallery? Yes! Do I want a big chunk of cherry cheesecake? Yes!

Is Eva Longoria one of the most beautiful women on the planet? Yes!

"The Absolute Yes!" really decides for me.

If I don't feel enthusiastic instantly, it ain't for me. This helps me save so much time when it comes to many things in life. With art, it's almost as if the artwork chooses me. That's why I think artists shouldn't be discouraged if people don't connect with their work. With me, I never know until the soul connection is made. I think that has resulted in a pretty diverse collection. There is no common thread, other than me, the collector. It's weird because I'm the same way with ties. Whenever I go into a department store, I just stand there at the tie display and wait for something to jump out at me. If nothing does, I move on. It's inexplicable, yet completely reliable.

For many endeavors, it's good to have advisors, but it's also good to go with the gut.

"The Absolute Yes!" won't disappoint.


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