For some time now, I’ve been trying to help my artist friends sell their work online.

I’ve tried to give good tips from my perspective not only as a collector, but also as an art patron, art writer and someone who spends lots of time looking at artist websites.

However, up until now, I haven’t spoken about artist websites that I believe practically MAKE visitors pull out their credit cards or log into their PayPal accounts and start shopping.

There are sites out there that I would say achieve this feat.  However, let me be clear about something.  I’m writing this specifically for artists who want to sell their work online.  If you want your website to be conceptual, ethereal or complement the gallery that represents your work, this may not be for you.

Now … where are these websites?  Who owns them?  Are the owners true artists?  The artists themselves both say, “Yes” and I’ve interviewed them both.

Also, a word of caution.  If you’re accustomed to viewing artist websites that are more ethereal in nature, brace yourself.  These sites will appear quite jarring to you.  They are very commercial, but I also believe they are EXTREMELY warm, user-friendly, open and quite a pleasure for the “Everyday Joe” who doesn’t know much about art, but may be enchanted.

Artists, it’s time to get REAL.  The “Everyday Joe” is your customer NOT those of us who are already fixtures in the art world.  If you TRULY want to SELL your work online to REAL people, I believe these two artists provide the models that you may choose to emulate.

Ironically, the artists go by one word names: “Keemo” and “Swarez.” Keemo lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Swarez lives in England.  When you view their sites, it will become abundantly CLEAR what I’m talking about.  DO NOT get caught up in their work or how they price it.  What you should observe with an open mind is their APPROACH.

I’m attaching links to the interviews that I’ve done with both artists so that you can understand them and their approach to their work and business.  You’ll enjoy them.  Best wishes.