As usual, I will say nothing of the plot nor will I even comment on the themes of this film.

Suffice to say, old faces have returned and new faces have arrived.  The themes remain age old and inherent to the series.

Also, as usual, the special effects are fantastic, but they don’t overshadow the plot or characterizations.  It’s so much fun returning to the universe originally imagined on film by the great George Lucas.

I could talk about the actors in this film, but I won’t because director J.J. Abrams is the true star of this film and I’m sure that will remain the case for the two others that follow as part of this new trilogy.

Abrams does a masterful job of reviving an old pop culture icon while also giving it new life and direction.  He does it with obvious insight and even some comedic timing for added spice.  I’m sure he felt a lot of pressure to get it right and get it right he does.

You know that a film is working when the audience you’re among wildly applauds at four different times throughout the roughly two hours and 15 minutes and then, once again, at the very end.  People have clearly been awaiting this.

Bravo Mr. Abrams.  Not only did you revive it.  You killed it.


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