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After watching the morning news, I got this strong sense of dread.

It was almost as if the very evil spirits that are running rampant in the world were suddenly swirling around me and trying to take me down. Have you ever felt that?

I’ve often wondered what we’d see if God peeled back the atmosphere and gave us a glimpse into what’s happening in the spiritual realm. It must be quite a sight...

Angels and demons throwing down. They’re invisible to us, but they are the real deal.

As Christians, I think we tend to forget that we’re in the midst of relentless and life-threatening, spiritual warfare. This is no joke and as a journalist, I’ve always been aware of the forces of good and evil at work in every story I’ve ever reported.

Ephesians tells us to put on the “full armor of God.” We’re engaged in daily battle for our minds, hearts and souls. The battles usually begin with our eyes, mouths, hands and feet.

Don’t stare at that, don’t eat that, don’t touch that and don’t go there. That’s pretty much the whole battle. Isn’t it?

As I’m writing this, I’m peering through my dining room window where the sun is brightly beaming. The sun always reminds me that Jesus Christ is alive and He’s busy preparing a place for us right now.

Christ has already won our fight. All we have to do is keep choosing … The Light.

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