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                       ArtBookGuy Announces 'Solo Show Worthy' Artists

(March 2017) - The web’s most passionate promoter of contemporary art and artists has done it again. is spotlighting some of the world's most 'Solo Show Worthy' artists.

"This is yet another way that I've found to help support emerging artists,” says ArtBookGuy Founder and Owner Michael K. Corbin.

"I'm always saying that certain artists deserve to have solo shows, but now I'm getting around to doing something about it," he says.

"I've selected a group of about 20 artists whom I think should be doing only solo shows for the rest of their careers." says Corbin. "This doesn't mean that all of the other great artists I know don't deserve solo shows, but I just feel that this current group consistently produces art that is so unique that their bodies of work are actually worlds unto themselves."

"Let's hope that art galleries, museums and the general public all take notice," adds Corbin.

For the past seven years, ArtBookGuy has compiled and produced numerous artists lists that include the annual "Super Hot Artists" and "Contemporary Art Masters." Corbin stresses that like those lists, 'Solo Show Worthy' artists should not be interpreted as a competitive ranking.

"ArtBookGuy is simply finding and encouraging talent from all over the world," says Corbin."My goal is to help them get their work 'seen' by art lovers and the art world at large. I also want to create new art collectors and help everyone learn that they need not be intimidated by contemporary art."

The 'Solo Show Worthy' list will be updated and perhaps revamped from time to time.

"At ArtBookGuy, our mottos are, ‘Art For All People’ and ‘We Talk Contemporary Art.’ It's my hope that we're sparking dialogue, exposing great artists and supporting contemporary art overall," Corbin adds.

Meet the 'Solo Show Worthy' artists and read all about them here.

ArtBookGuy also features original essays, artist projects, art news and tips for budding contemporary art collectors.

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