Do I really need to explain this?

Apparently I do.  Okay, I will. 

Where do I begin?  Okay … there’s this charming, little yellow house not far from where I live.  When I say it’s little, I’m not kidding.  I would say the entire house is about the size of my garage.  Not even.

By the way, my SUV barely fits inside my garage.  So that gives you an idea about the size of this tiny house.  It’s about the size of a woodshed.  Its only saving grace – I guess - is the fact that it’s a two-story house … for what that’s worth.

Anyway, this little house was for sale several months ago.  I would imagine that it still is.  I’ll go check and get back with you later on that.  Surprisingly, I had a work colleague who saw the listing for this house online and went to take a look at it – just to see it.

Later that week, she told me that it was indeed TINY.  Keep in mind, she’s petite herself and even she said it was just TOO small.  She said she could barely move inside and that the place could give her claustrophobia.  Totally.

But here’s the thing.

Am I the only one who keeps hearing about this so-called, “Tiny House Movement” in America?  I’ve even watched TV shows that claim America is undergoing transition and that more and more people are gaining financial independence by opting to live in much more affordable, tiny houses.  I’m not talking about small houses, I’m talking about tiny houses that - if they weren’t so heavy - you could almost carry on your back like a turtle.

On one particular series, we constantly see shiny, happy people in their tiny houses.  They seem almost - but not quite - as “happy” as those perpetually-young, skateboarding, unicycle-riding people who work at Google.  They all seem so shiny and happy and relieved that their newfound, tiny houses are giving them all new “leases” on life.

I’m happy for them.  We live in a free society where we get to choose how to live.  Good for them and their choices.  However, can we be real for a moment?

I just don’t think that even a petite human being is meant to live in a tiny house.  I just don’t.  Small house?  Yes.  Tiny house?  No.  Again, if you live in one and love it, God bless you.  But every time I hear about this “Tiny House Movement,” it just feels like a sham … or scam … to me.

Keep in mind, this “movement” is happening as an increasing number of the world’s super-wealthy are building $60 million, MONSTER mansions of 50,000 square feet or more and they’re literally changing the face of communities that actually considered themselves “upscale” … until these filthy-rich titans came to build and redefined what it means to be truly wealthy.

Nothing at all against wealthy people, but are you seeing where I’m going with this?  The rich are getting richer and they’re building bigger while the shrinking middle class is getting poorer and people are fooling themselves into thinking that they’re happier with living in houses not much bigger than dog houses.  I’m sorry, but this is pure, unadulterated bullcrap.

By the way, speaking of dog houses ... I’ve had a few average-sized dogs in my lifetime.  They all got dog houses and guess what?  Despite my best efforts to make them “livable,” none of my dogs ever really liked their dog houses.  Why?

My guess is because they were too small.  Like people, dogs would rather not be packed in like sardines.  And here’s something else for you.  I also believe that most dogs hate kennels.  Kennels are for people, not dogs.  We fool ourselves into thinking that our pets like kennels because it eases our guilt about keeping them contained and makes life easier and more convenient for US.  Many people swear by kennels, but like tiny houses, I’m not buying it.

And here’s another thing.  The art world should really be in revolt against these tiny houses because this gives people yet another reason NOT TO BUY ART.  There’s no room for good or bad art in a tiny house.  Of course, now I’m going to get an email from someone who is going to say, “I live in a tiny house and I have LOTS of art!”


I just feel that as a society, we’re losing our aspirations, if not good sense.  Whatever happened to our ability to dream?  I’m NOT saying that bigger is better, but I AM saying that dreaming bigger is better than settling for whatever you think is possible for you.  There’s no dreaming involved in that.  If that’s how you want to live, then you may as well stake your life on winning the lottery.

There’s a big difference between being happy with what you have and settling for less.  I just feel that we’re slowly becoming a society that’s settling for less because we’re losing faith and confidence and sadly, we’re losing hope.

God, I hope I’m wrong about that.

I mean, whatever happened to conquering the broad and wide-open frontier?  Whatever happened to the desire for unbridled freedom and room to roam?  Whatever happened to celebrating the vast blue sky and deep, emerald-green ocean?

They all got scaled down to a tiny house, that’s what.  Hope deferred?

Are we SO terrified these days that we now MUST have tiny houses that provide us with an illusion of security akin to being back in our mothers’  wombs?  Are tiny houses symbols of progression or are they really signs of regression? 

I just don’t think it’s possible for a six-foot-tall, 175-pound guy to be a shiny happy person in a tiny house. If anything, I’d be pissed.  Living in a tiny house has got to be like wearing clothes that are too tight.  They might look cute (to some people), but they’re quietly cutting off your circulation ... if not sanity.

You know what?  We should ALL revolt against these tiny houses.  Don’t buy the hype.  It’s a TRAP!  Figuratively and quite literally.

Oh, and by the way, most of my art wouldn’t even fit inside a tiny house.  And this isn’t about being married to my possessions; it’s about actually having a brain and not letting myself be brainwashed by whomever is profiting hand over fist from this “tiny house movement.”  And believe me you, someone is profiting … otherwise they wouldn’t be working so hard to get more people to jump onboard this so-called trend.

One more thing … I’m sure that tiny houses have great benefits that include: they use less power, they require less maintenance, they don’t need as much material to build and they may even be more energy-efficient and more sustainable in the long run. 

Still, I smell a rat in this whole tiny house movement.  I mean, why is there always this public relations push to show shiny happy people in these tiny houses?  Someone somewhere in the mix is pulling puppet strings.


I just came back from looking at that tiny house that’s not far from here.  The “For Sale” sign is no longer posted out front and it looks as if someone now lives there.  What can I say?  We live in a land of choices.  Good for them.

Tiny house, tiny mind, tiny life. 



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