When you first hear it, it doesn't make sense. 

In fact, it seems downright crazy. It's diametrically opposed to what the world would have you believe. More on that in a moment.

You know the drill. You're super-wealthy and as famous as famous can be. You deserve this. Nobody “gave this” to you. Even if you did inherit it, you've got to be on guard 24/7 to keep it. 

And so, you bask everyday in your luxe life. It's plush.

You're part of that oh so exclusive and practically secretive society where everything is so rarefied that you're basically floating around every day in your own celestial bubble. On those seldom occasions when you're amid the masses, they can smell your extravagance, no matter how understated, before they even see you approaching.

In short, you've got the world by the balls. It's all about serving you and respecting you for what you have. People believe you're a big deal because they think you've got a lot ... or at least a lot more than they've got.

Sigh. Not everyone can be "The Great Gatsby."

To quote comedian Flip Wilson, "It's lonely at the top, but crowded at the bottom!"

Given that, to keep you in your refined digs, there they are, slaving away. The servants. The help. They're usually nameless and almost invisible, but for the fact that someone has to do the work, so how can they not show up?

It's tough being born to the manor, but someone has to live your life. Someone has to be royal. Why not you? 

For every life, there is a station. In every home and every nation. Some are royal, yet most are not, but if you are, you're seen as hot. 

But just who really has a lock on royalty? Is it those being served or the humble servants cooking the meal? Whatever happened to royals serving the people? Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

Entitlement and luxury can be a very slippery slope. The arrogance they breed really masks insecurity and fear of losing it all, don't they? It's easy to claim wealth as your birthright. Even if you just got it yesterday. 

But here are two things that don't always equate: Wealth and Grace. 

I've been a servant. I am a servant. I know a servant when I see one. A servant isn't characterized by servitude, but rather, grace.  If I do say so myself, servants are living, breathing, walking grace. 

While the world looks down on them, God lifts them up. When servants are mocked, out of nowhere, grace swirls around them and ordains them. Could this be why they're mocked in the first place? 

If you're a servant, you've got a secret. It takes class to be a servant. 

You've got something. You're on to something. There's a secret sauce brewing in you ... a special type of dignity. They can see it. They're prisoners of this world and you rattle them. You anger them.

It's quite curious isn't it? For all that the royals of the blood have, they still resent you. They simply cannot figure you out. Somehow, you, a mere pauper, remain a threat. They've got it all, including the title, but where's their grace? Where's their sense of duty?

Marie Antoinette anyone? 

If you're a servant, you've got the grace. It's serene and silent, but unmistakable. Grace is just the beginning of your inheritance.

Whenever I see hotel cleaning ladies or waiters or floor sweepers or door holders or garbage collectors or lawn workers or store clerks or bag carriers or candy stripers or wheelchair pushers or church ushers or food preparers or anyone doing anything that appears even remotely servile, I always smile and if I can time it just right, I smile at them ... and they almost always smile back.

That's because we know the deal ... servants aren't always treated well, so they certainly know how others should be treated ... with respect and dignity. The dignity in me celebrates the dignity in you.

Again, this is where grace kicks in. Grace is crucial. Are servants royalty in disguise? Who really belongs on the throne?

I know ... I know. Believe me, I know. How can you be royalty when you're often a sweaty and sometimes bloody mess? It comes with the gig.

Still, if you're a servant, your eternal ship is coming in. Maybe not tomorrow or even next year, but it's as sure as Sunday. Keep holding on because grace is your crown and the kingdom is near.

Yes, it seems downright crazy. It just doesn't make sense, but I'm telling you, servants are the real royals. Things aren't always what they seem. Servants simply reek of royalty. You'd be wise to realize.

Even I can see that. 



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