+ Constant cuts in arts education
+ A truck load of snobbery and apathy
+ Shy, insular and apologetic art communities
+ An art ignorant media
+ Lousy art world public relations
+ A blue chip art market artificially on fire
+ Predatory "art collectors" seeking only investment returns
+ Artists who don't self-promote
+ Art schools that don't make business classes mandatory
+ A sports-obsessed culture
+ Art gatekeepers who keep art locked away for their own purposes
+ Millions of mobile, digital gadgets
+ People with short attention spans 


Throw all of these ingredients together - in no particular order - into a bowl and mix well.  Add cynicism to taste.  Let the concoction steep for a long while. 

Pour mixture into a big chili pot with cover lid and let simmer on medium-high heat indefinitely.  It'll boil over, but don't worry, no one will even notice ... and if they do, they'll look the other way.  They always do.
Serve up over toast and enjoy your hot mess ...  for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack.  It's versatile!



12 Things The Art World Needs To Change