Whenever I see this, it makes me wonder ... and then I ponder.

Isn't sharing as natural as walking or maybe eating?  Perhaps that's the point.  It's not.

Why would you have to ask anyone to share anything?  Shouldn't we all share our grace-filled blessings?  Or are they greedily-gotten gains?  Greedy people don't share.  No news there, but when blessings abound, shouldn't they naturally go around?  I mean, that would be in keeping with the spirit from whence they came.  No? 

Please share.  What does this mean?  Well, when we ask kids to share, we're really teaching them that they live in a world community where not everything is "about them."  They must learn to get along with others.  However, these days, "Please Share" means, "Do ME a favor by sharing," as opposed to "Help THOSE people in need by sharing."  Hmm.  Very interesting.  

Is it truly an act of benevolence or charity or goodwill to share something posted by someone seeking self-promotion or advancement?  Or is that more akin to giving money to a homeless person who'll use the stash for tonight's whiskey?  Hmm.

Also, apart from copyright concerns, wouldn't you naturally share something that gave you a thrill?  No prompting would be necessary.  You couldn't help BUT share it.  Yet, when someone says "Please Share" online, it's almost as if they're admitting that there's not much in it for you, while they stand to gain quite a bit. Isn't that why they say, "Please"?  "Please" is their way of saying don't expect anything in return for sharing their post.  Thanks!

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this.  Heck, I've done it myself.  Looking back, I can definitely say I had an agenda.  It was more about ME and less about YOU.  But hey, I just admitted it.  Shouldn't I get credit for that?

We live in very interesting times, don't we?  Who would've ever thought we'd ever actually be asking people to share ... or seeking permission to share?  

But not when I own the copyright you don't!

And so, here we are, getting and giving the green light to do something that should be akin to breathing and extending grace ... sharing.  I recall the days when people just shared without thinking about it.  Those seemed to be simpler and maybe even happier times, but those days are gone.  No need to whine or be wistful.  Today is a new day.

Please share.  Do we still teach our kids to share?  I mean, it's like begging someone to do something good ... except it's not good to share something that doesn't belong to you in the first place.  That would be stealing.  Wouldn't it?  Uh ... YEAH. 

That would be the whole point of "Please Share."  Am I right?  I don't know.  That's all I've got.  

What did you say?  Can you share this essay?  After everything I've just said, you have the NERVE to ask me that?

Sigh ... Yeah, go ahead.  Please share.  But remember, all of yuhs out there ... 

I own the copyright ... so watch your ass. 



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