Let me start off by saying this…

If you don’t know me, you can stop reading right now. I don’t know you either, so there’s really no point in continuing. Is there?

You cannot possibly be my friend because I don’t know you. And no, I won’t connect with you on social media because, well, I don’t know you.

You might turn out to be psycho … and I don’t want that. I can already feel you’re becoming obsessed with me, aren’t you?

You’re not part of my social circle … actual or virtual. I only want “like-minded” people in my life. People like me. You know … “People You Know.”

They’re also known as … “People Like Us.”


Can you believe that there are actually people who are perpetrating and perpetuating this mentality in cyberspace? They’ve created closed communities online. Isn’t expanding our world the whole point of being online?

I simply don’t understand people who only want to connect with “people you know.” Of course, this is their personal choice and good for them, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

You have a free tool (for the time being) at your disposal to connect with nearly anyone in the entire world and all you want to do is connect with “people you know” in your own community and social circle?

That’s like owning a car and only driving it around your immediate neighborhood. Why have the car?

Call me crazy, but I don’t only want to spend time online with people I know. They’re great, but I want to get to know people I don’t know. Why settle for a small social circle when you can have a HUGE one?

All other things being equal, isn’t it better to have more friends than less?

I think social media platforms have to push the “People You Know” line to cover their own legal concerns. They don’t want to give the appearance of encouraging anything that might get them hauled into a courtroom. Believe me, I get it.

It just seems to me that with any and every new tech advance, there’s always some quirk in human nature that screws it all up and really keeps us from truly advancing as a species.

I know … I know. We have to take precautions. We have protect ourselves from the unseen enemy … “Out There.” We cannot see him, but we KNOW he’s there.

Ugh. How did I even get on this topic? Why am I even writing this?

I shouldn’t even be talking with you. I don’t know you. And you might think you know me, but you don’t.

Where’s my silo?