After merely two major release films (see: “A Single Man”), it’s probably safe to say that Tom Ford has mastered the art of cinematic storytelling.

It’s not just about telling a great story, it’s also about creating a cinematic experience that you’re delightfully basking in and enjoying. Of course, you can ask, “Isn’t that what filmmaking is all about?”

Yes, but there’s something that sets Director Tom Ford apart. It’s obviously the fact that he’s an accomplished designer and businessman, but I also think it’s about his imagination. I mean, this guy’s films are very contemporary yet harken back to old Hollywood.

Let’s be honest. When I heard Tom Ford had a new film out starring Amy Adams who was playing an art dealer in Los Angeles?

Count me IN.

Nocturnal Animals” is a gripping, detective thriller ... a story within a story. That's all I'll say. Yet it’s also very human and empathetic and yes, sophisticated. Amy Adams has to be thrilled by the way she’s photographed in this film. She’s gorgeous and as usual, uses her eyes to great advantage to tell her character’s story.

Jake Gyllenhaal also conjures up a great performance of a man done wrong and out for revenge. Michael Shannon is also a heavyweight in this film. He’s a real actor who disappears in his roles. This is really the best that any actor can hope for whether they’re a “movie star” or not.

Also, I’ve got to give a couple of shout outs for Laura Linney who absolutely kills her one scene in this entire film and Michael Sheen who gets a couple of fantastic lines to live by.

This film is such a compelling, visceral experience. Keep in mind that Ford directed this AND wrote the screenplay, so this is another Tom Ford production of the highest order. In short, he designed this film. It's beautifully bespoke.

Make no mistake, this is indeed an art film. You’ll see this immediately during the opening credits and take note of how Ford segues from the credits to the first scene. Masterful. In fact, contemporary art plays a major role throughout the film. Love it.

In short, Nocturnal Animals is an enthralling piece of cinema and shouldn’t be missed by those who love contemporary art or those who don’t.



Nocturnal Animals