What’s the latest fashion in world politics?

Where’ve you been? Haven’t you heard?

Globalism and Globalization are OUT. A “One World Government” sounds really scary. One leader? One world body? One authority?

NO WAY. They are SO 2016.

Tell your friends. Nationalism is back. In fact, Nationalism is the new black.

Buy tee-shirts and put on your designer jeans. Don’t forget your hat of supremacy, snarky belt and jacket of sarcasm. It’s a brave new world out there. It’s called, “Every man for himself.”

We need symbols, logos, corporate branding and bobble heads that assert our newly realized power in the world. It’s all about US now! Screw you! Anyways … what have YOU done for ME lately?

You may have done plenty, but I just don’t see it. It’s time to move on and focus on MY needs. It’s about everyone and yet no one at the same time. I could mention individual countries, but I won’t. There’s no need to because everyone is doing it.

“Walk the Runway of Cynicism!” “Yeah!”

“Raise tariffs on incoming goods!” “Yeah!”

“Tell China to suck it!” “Yeah!”

“Build more walls!” “Yeah!”

“Step on the necks of inconsequential little people!” “Yeah! Let’s bring that back!”

In this new order, Third World people may as well be fashion road kill … but haven’t they always been?

“We’re DONE with political correctness! What good did it do anyway? Africa and Latin America, you got yourself into those holes, so dig yourselves out!”

Of course, Africa and Latin America are very diverse continents and not mere countries, but apparently no one cares to see that.

It doesn’t matter. Go with what’s in vogue. Nationalism is back and it’s the new black baby!

America is Number One! China is Number One! Germany is Number One! Britain (minus “Great” due to Brexit) is Number One! Saudi Arabia is Number One! Russia (UGH!) is Number One!

Wait a minute. How can everybody be … “Number One?” And what does being, “Number One” mean anyway?


More than ever, nations are like teenagers. Whiny teeny boppers. They want to be “cool.” They want to be seen as “trending.” Everybody wants to give everybody else “the finger” take a puff on a cigarette and move on. Mooning them would be fun too.

Do as we do and not as we say. Besides, whatever we did yesterday is old news. You’re just not keeping up!

But what about the EU?  Uhhh … What about them?

It’s a tough world out there. Dog eat dog. If you don’t cover your own ass - or should I say, your own borders – who will?

Are you tired of thinking globally? Forget about it. Put yourself first.Screw your neighbors!

Apparently, it’s the only way to “win.” I mean, seriously, who wants to bail out Greece … yet again?

Next will be Portugal, then Spain and every other crying nation-state that wants to be hip and happy without paying down their credit.

We are SO OVER international cooperation. Where has it really gotten us? We are the world? We are the children?

Uh … have you seen the children in bomb-stricken Syria lately?

I want to be super rich. Don’t you? How can you be super rich and powerful when you’ve got dead weight around your ankle?


As you can no doubt tell, I woke up in quite a mood today. Actually, I’m in a great mood. I’m merely channeling the energy that I’m feeling in the air of late. The world is changing … and not for the better.

Those fraternal twins, Cynicism and Sarcasm are running rampant in Prada suits.

There has been palpable shift. Of course, nationalism never really went away, but we now have a new nationalism. It’s “Nationalism for Dummies.”


Don’t get me wrong. Globalism and globalization are also very shaky and suspect. Who really wins in that scenario?

Still, this new thing that we’re experiencing is far from comforting. It’s like fighting with Jabba the Hut and then sleeping with him to get by. Extremely weird and awkward … to say the least.

But what do I know? I’m no politician or world leader. Heck, I can barely get to the dentist on time.

All’s I know (yes, ALL’S I know) is that something is happening cosmically. Can’t you just cut this rancid, cosmic energy with a knife?

Take off your Ray-Bans and open your eyes. Can’t you see it? Haven’t you heard?

Nationalism is the new black.  



Where Are The Leaders?