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This is a summary of my portfolio. The following can also be accessed on a single, live webpage by clicking here.


What I’ve done here, I can also do for you.


I - Michael K. Corbin PR/Communications Director and Strategist – Please click here to find out more about what I offer your organization on the marketing and communications front. This is a very brief, self-propelling Power Point presentation.

Much of my work exists as living, online documents. I believe it may be easiest for you to review my website and art brand which contains a great deal of my writing and marketing (social media) activity.


II – ArtBookGuy Website – The site is free of advertising. It’s a public service. I created it because I love art and because I want to help artists, plus expand the audience for contemporary art.

I am a prolific creator of content, public programming, events and the marketing policies and campaigns that support them. What I do here, I can also do for you.

Here are a couple of very brief, self-propelling Power Points that spell out the ABG mission…

ABG People Slides

ABG Talk Slides

ABG Books Slides


Also, here’s a sampling of my email newsletter campaigns. I send them out at least twice per month, but often weekly…

Art Menu!

What Do You Think Of My Latest Painting?

100 Super Hot Artists For 2017

A Personal Relationship With Art

Stand Up For Art

Artists Who Drink Poison


I’ve interviewed nearly 400 super-talented artists from all over the world … via email. By all means, please scour the site. I wrote and produced it for you and for people who think they might like contemporary art, but are intimidated by it!

ArtBookGuy (I love ART … I write BOOKS and I’m a GUY) is a literary site because art literacy is my primary goal. I created the branding and marketing for ArtBookGuy.

My taglines are, “Art For All People,” which I’ve trademarked and “A Collector’s Journal,” which is the subtitle of my book series, for which I also own a federal trademark.

It seems counterintuitive to have an art website without many photos, but it has really worked extremely well. I maintain it in my free time. The site topped 75,000 unique visitors and 207,000 total visits in 2016. Not huge, but significant for me given that it’s my “fun time” activity.

My audience is roughly 55% male, 45% female and hovers between the ages of 20-60. Most of my readers are in New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Indy, etc. I’ve totally distinguished my brand in the contemporary art world and my readers love my essays and artist interviews. Also, the lack of photos encourages readers to visit the artist’s websites … which is the whole point!

I loved writing and producing a special section of the site devoted to helping artists market and publicize their work. I got so many great comments from artists who loved it.

Artist Marketing 101


Here’s the keynote address I delivered to the National Association of Independent Artists Annual Meeting.

NAIA Speech


Also check out the special sections I've created on the website for budding art collectors.

Art Collecting 101


Plus, special interviews with artists and art dealers and curators.

Art Dealers Talk


I’m 100% obsessed with contemporary art and LOVE traveling to art fairs like Art Basel Miami Beach (which I dubbed, “The Super Bowl of Art” years ago) and The Armory Show and Frieze Art Fair among others. Please also check out my multi award-winning books.

They’re part of my continuing, “A Collector’s Journal” series. And yes, I will be writing and self-publishing more books through AuthorHouse which is owned by Penguin and based down in Bloomington, not far from the IU campus.

Last April/May, I wrote a groundbreaking piece called, “How to Fix the Art World: A Survey” in which I interviewed and quoted 46 art world figures. ArtNews copied my concept and did a special issue. No problem.

I did it first and I made sure that everyone on social media knew that! Also, 2017 marks the sixth straight year that I’ve produced my annual, “Super Hot Artists List.” I produce this list which isn’t just a vanity ranking of artists, but an actual list of artists I interview each year.

I create this list and promote it heavily throughout the year via my five social media platforms to give super-talented artists the attention they need and deserve.

Here’s the latest press release that I wrote which appears on PR LOG. I promote ArtBookGuy through EARNED social media and press releases.

What I did here, I can also do for you.


III – Broadcast Journalism Demo Reel Link - This is a quick sampling of my TV journalism work. MKC Demo Reel Link.

My broadcast news experience means I know HOW to pitch the media for maximum results.


IV- Immigrant Welcome Center - I don’t only create content for ArtBookGuy, I also plan events and live programming which in turn, help generate content and storytelling platforms. Pro bono work.

The following includes a basic “snapshot” of my recent projects as event chair/branding and marketing strategist/moderator of the Immigrant Welcome Center’s 2016 and 2017, “Live Local, Think Global” fundraisers. IWC LLTG Press Release 2017 and IWC LLTG E-News 2017.

Here’s my successful IWC Communications Strategy 2016. What I do here, I can also do for you.

The Immigrant Welcome Center is a 501-C3 that helps new immigrants of all cultures to assimilate in Metro Indianapolis. IWC has a minimal budget, almost no staff and a stressed out executive director (Terri Morris Downs). In 2015, 2016 and again in 2017, I will serve as board chair.

As board chair, I manage a small staff and committee of people who help organize the events which have been very successful. We’ve assembled some great sponsors and I was also delighted to invite and organize our panelists who’ve included former Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, former Indiana Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann, IPL CEO Rafael Sanchez, Cummins COO Marya Rose and Indy Chamber CEO Michael Huber, to name a few.

The event aims to re-educate people about immigration, immigration reform, globalization, the economy and other issues through the assembling of an eclectic panel of distinguished leaders who are well-versed in the subject matter from their unique positions. We focus on facts and figures and civil discussion as a means of counteracting the emotion-charged nature of these very political issues.


V – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – I served as a Friends of African & African-American Art Board Member in addition to Programming Committee Chair. As head of the programming committee, I worked with 20th Century Art Curator Ashley Kistler. We created a lecture series for the museum designed to make art more accessible to museum lovers.

What I did here, I can also do for you.

We hosted speakers like artists Dr. Regenia Perry, David Driskell, art collector Harriet Kelley, design writers Sharne Algotsson and Denys Davis and Karen Hudson, granddaughter of “Architect to the Stars” Paul Williams. These were very successful events with high attendance for the museum.

At the time, VMFA Director Katherine Lee (who later moved on to head up the Cleveland Art Museum) stated, “We love you! You give us programming!” I welcome the opportunity to chat more with you about my work. I can provide many more samples, but this is a quick snapshot.




Michael K.Corbin


Owner & Founder



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