Have you ever walked around the house asking yourself, "What am I going to do today?" I certainly have. Consequently, I decided to write a mission statement for the house that you're currently visiting. It's the purpose of "ArtBookGuy."

ArtBookGuy is a public awareness campaign that encompasses my activities as a writer, collector, traveler and friend of art and contemporary artists.

It's almost as simple as "a-b-c." It's straightforward and standard, yet sophisticated. It's very American, yet borderless and global.

I am Michael K. Corbin.  I am "ArtBookGuy." I'm a guy who loves art and art books, but I also write and produce illustrated art books, which is the primary function of the ArtBookGuy campaign. ArtBookGuy is my brand. It's the impetus behind my multi award-winning, "A Collector's Journal" series of art memoirs.

My books prove that you don't have to be rich or highly-cultured to appreciate or even collect art. My books are about art in "my world" ... they're about the "artworld" and also about art and how it functions in the "world at large."

Art is ethereal and high-minded, but ArtBookGuy promotes a way of viewing art that makes it more accessible to the everyday person. Art is many things, including a thrilling joyride.  ArtBookGuy reminds people that art goes far beyond mere aesthetic considerations. Art opens dialogue and poses questions about the human condition. It asks, "Why are we here?" "What is the meaning of life?" and "What are the answers?"

Yes, art does beautify, but more than anything, it testifies. ArtBookGuy is here to let you know that you shouldn't be intimidated by art. Art exists FOR YOU.  Art exists for me.  Art For All People.  Art is OUR mission.  That makes YOU ArtBookGuy too.

Most importantly, ArtBookGuy is geared toward sparking a social movement. It aims to bring people to greater consensus on the crucial role that art plays in society. Contemporary art isn't an end, but rather a journey. It's also a noun, but more importantly, a verb. ArtBookGuy exists to spark activism. Art continues to change the world and ArtBookGuy plays a role.

Finally, art is fun! What's the point in being so super serious or snobbish about it? Life is short. ArtBookGuy encourages you to breathe, drink and live the joy of art. The next time you visit an art gallery and see something you like, stretch out your arms and imagine yourself embracing it. If you can afford it, buy it. You won't be sorry. Art is the real deal. To quote the great Austin Powers ...

"Yeah baby yeah!"