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Artist Matthew G. Beall has created a new website specifically for photographic artists.  It's called, Capturing Exposures and it looks pretty cool.  Here's how it all came about ...


July 20, 2013

MATT: Hi Mike, I hope this finds you well and enjoying summer. I finally, after so much time, got the first issue of Capturing Exposures out. When you take a few minutes to look at it, could you give me your opinion? I am sure there will be changes in the future. Also, it would be very nice of you to spread the word to all of your followers. Thanks much. 

MICHAEL: Matt, Tell me more about the site.  Did you create it?  Why?  What do you hope to achieve with it? 

MATT: Capturing Exposures’ mission is very simple: to showcase quality photographs by photographers who make them.  Capturing Exposures subscribes to the idea of quality and consistency over quantity. Capturing Exposures is about vision - photographic and artistic vision. Vision is subjective. It is not about right or wrong. It is about being aware of what you make i.e. your intent.

Intent is not accidental. Vision is about saying what you want to say without words. This is the focus of Capturing Exposures :: photographs & their makers (photography magazine) Yes, I created it. I built the site. I was motivated to do it because I found that there are/were not any sites dedicated solely to this idea. I want to give exposure to the many highly skilled artists of fine art photography as well as  other photography genres that have none or very little of it. Of course I hope to grow it, and I hope to eventually help to set up exhibitions both online and in brick & mortar venues ...


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