Cool quotes from great artists who are still alive.

“… it's a waste of time for us to try to court the art world. The critics have already established their reputations … they will never write positively about us … we have to build our own critics, our own historians who speak to people instead of just each other.”  Richard Thomas Scott       

“How great would it be to have been friends with my heroes Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo … I can only live in the fantasy for a short time because I have learned it had its disadvantages as well … general lack of freedom in terms of subject matter, style, materials, the occasional plague, lack of certain contemporary medical advances or knowledge that could save your life … "  James Xavier Barbour

“I’m not sure that it’s so important whether or not a person speaks up and shares what they think about a painting. I think the important part is that they remained in front of a piece of art long enough to allow it to have an impression on them.”  Melanie Banayat

“I think of my painting as a visual storytelling. When I approach the empty canvas, I am never sure what that story will be. I just witness the events as they unfold moment by moment as I make the white go away.”  Sharon Barfoot

“When I'm in the middle of working something out, the wrong comment at the wrong time can truly fuck things up. A small bit of encouragement always goes a thousand times farther than that "well intentioned" nugget of art-criticism before something is finished.”  Ted Lawson

“I eat photography, sleep photography, work photography, this is a very passionate love story I'm living with and it sometimes can be very frightening and paralyzing when I have the feeling that photography is like a monster devouring me. I'm just obsessed with it.”  Olivier Valsecchi

“The only reason to be an artist is because you have to ... that is what you are and nothing else will work for you. Hopefully, besides convincing yourself of this, you also have exceptional talent.”  Stephen Pusey

“Each new day should be an adventure. The artist should be left free to explore and comment in a personal way through whatever means. Each work is individual and should be bought and sold on its own merits, not a signature style.”  Olga Kitt

“I love to people watch and relish the opportunity to really scrutinize a face when viewing or producing a portrait. For me, a successful portrait is one where the artist seems to look beyond the physical and manages to convey a real sense of the individual. This is my challenge.”  Alan Coulson

“I think if an artist can make something extraordinary then the general public will respond favorably, whether they have any existing knowledge of art or not. People can tell if they're being presented with something flimsy, mediocre or not really art. Making something extraordinary is therefore the challenge all artists should take up.”  Nathan Walsh

“What God gives you is the talent, urge, or spark to follow or pursue an interest. You still have to work at or refine your skill. This is true of everything….painting, sports, a musical instrument, singing, or cooking. The more you practice or challenge yourself, the better you get.”  John Clapp

“I think that art has always had an important role in the world. It reflects our lifestyle and the manner in which our society evolves. In my opinion, what makes art enjoyable and interesting is its ability to surprise, provoke and interrogate.”  Jean-Paul Cattin

 “I detest the idea of becoming part of a "throw away" society. The craftsmanship in my work is very important. I believe art is worthy and should be created to stand the test of time.”  Mark Rodriguez

“Just believe in yourself and your art. It is what makes my heart sing so I can't stop. Since happiness is the ultimate goal in life, that is how I deal. I am doing just what makes me happy.”  Margaret Zox Brown

"The media is an important part of promotion within the art movement. Maybe that’s why pop art is known throughout the world and works so well with things like album covers, coasters and other products. It’s accessible and informative." Ben Pepper

"I don't think it's an artist’s job to worry what people think about their art. If an artist is producing work that is honest to themselves and their vision, then they are doing their job. It's impossible to produce an honest piece of art if you are thinking, "Oh, the critics are going to love this one." It seems like wasted effort to me."  Logan Maxwell Hagege

"I think the majority of people have a distorted view of modern art and artists. We come in all sizes and shapes and personalities. We are the observers. It may not be fun, but it is all we can do."  John McLaughlin