When you look up at the nighttime sky, what do you see?
On a clear night, you should be able to see countless stars.  But which of these is the operative word?  Countless or stars?
Many scientists agree that stars are essentially suns.  Could this mean that for every star or every sun there is a unique universe?  This question alone could keep us spinning our wheels forever, but we've got promises to keep amid the winter frost, so we'll move on.
For me, the countless nature of stars implies infinity.  If we accept this concept, then we must also believe that we live amid infinite universes full of endless possibilities for each of us.  This part is clearly about faith and not empirical "proof."
Simply stated, for those who believe, we live amid creation beyond creation full of ever-flowing abundance.  If you still need proof of this, that means your reality is finite and plagued by the promise of constant strife ... all the way to the bitter end.
Why strife?  Simple.  It's because you probably believe that we live in a world of limited resources.  Yes, I’m talking about actual natural resources as well as psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual ones. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is at the root of absolutely everything that is wrong in society.  The world is deathly ill right now.
Name a societal problem ... poverty, sexism, racism, greed, crime and so on ... and it can be traced to the belief that the world is finite, yes, limited. I could offer an endless supply of illustrations, but there are more than enough for you to come up with on your own.  Why should the writer always do all of the work?

Okay, I’ll give you a very simple one.  The earth is 75 percent water and yet people in parts of the world don’t have access to clean, drinking water.  What’s up with that?
In short, if we think that there's only so much of anything to go around for everyone, then we'll struggle in a constant state of clawing and backstabbing for whatever morsels we can greedily grab in this world.

This belief about limited resources is what gives birth to competition, hoarding, hating, fighting and killing.  There's an indisputable direct connection.
Just think about a disagreement you may have had with someone or bickering between reality television housewives or democrats and republicans or wars between nations.  It's almost always - at the root of it - about the lack of something, something that wasn't said or done or the quality or quantity of something.  In short, it almost always involves something that is measurable ... something that people are fighting for because they want what's “THEIRS.”

In other words, we spend SO much of our time living in this infinite universe –one of many - striving, clawing and fighting ... because of our perception that we live in a finite world of ever dwindling stuff ... stuff that we want and need ... yet stuff that we fear will one day ...

It seems that it doesn’t matter how much money, success, power, fame, land, stock or even oil we possess as super-rich individuals, we always want to hoard more … because one day, we might spring a leak.

And then, when it vanishes, we'll be completely vulnerable and left high and dry with nothing.  Not even a pot to piss in.  We won't even have piss because there will be no more water left to drink.  Come on now.  You KNOW that’s what many people think … especially folks reveling in a gilded age.  It’s all about riches, but not true wealth.  You must be emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy in order to be wealthy.  In order to be wealthy, you must believe in the infinite nature of things, No?
Doesn't this make you wonder how we haven't completely killed one another off at this point?  We turn practically everything on this earth and in this life into territorial battles.  Why?
Being in the workplace doesn't mean that we have to connive in the rat race.  I'm so glad that I believe that we live amid infinite universes full of infinite possibilities for each of us.  It makes all the difference in my day and especially in how I treat people, particularly people who may so happen to want the same things that I want at any given moment. 
Believe it or not, if you don't get whatever you want today and someone else gets it, there's still more than enough to go around for tomorrow and all of the tomorrows to follow. In fact, you could share what you have every single day and it would keep coming back to you.  It's all about God's perfect plan and timing.
Our particular universe and those universes that have yet to be discovered remain vast and beyond our comprehension.  Let's stop letting our emotions get the best of us, stop acting out without thinking, take a deep breath and get a grip. God is waiting for us to start trusting, stop seeing everyone else as a threat and get our crap together. 

We're reducing our own possibilities by thinking small and fighting over ultimately insignificant things.  There's MORE THAN ENOUGH to go around for everyone.   Just like the stars.  Forever.  Let's stop and take a deep breath. 

If nothing else, this should save folks a few sessions on the psychiatric sofa.  It’s because of our fear of limited resources that psychiatrists know they have an endless supply of patients who keep them practicing … patience. 

The world is deathly ill right now.  But we don’t have to be.

When you look up at the nighttime sky, what do you see?