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Art is ultimately an affirmation and celebration of life.

Given that, it stands to reason that if you're having a party, you'd invite others to celebrate with you.  Otherwise, it's a flop.

This is what's lacking in the art world.  There simply aren't enough people out there who are sending out invitations and trumpeting the cause.  Personally, I spend a great deal of time doing it; promoting emerging artists and contemporary art in general.

However, far too many galleries, museums, contemporary art centers and especially artists themselves are falling far too short.  In short, they're all having parties, but they're not rolling out the red carpet for their guests who should include everyone.  Heck, I can BARELY get artists I interview to promote their ArtBookGuy interviews on social media.  It doesn’t matter how long ago we did them.  Artists and the art world in general complain a lot about minimal public attention, yet they do so little to trumpet their own cause.

This year, I’ve embarked on a new, super-intense, campaign to promote artists and contemporary art to everyone.  I want to interview more artists who will hopefully contact me, write more essays about contemporary art and life, PLUS I really want to do many more speaking engagements at art events.  Email me. I’m game.

I’m asking you to join the cause.  Let’s trumpet art.  If we don’t, who will?  New England Patriots fans?  The Sierra Club?  The National Rifle Association? I think not.  They’ve got their own concerns.

Let's see.  How should we do this?  Well, let's focus this year on the internet.  I challenge every artist and gallery out there to ... 1. Post updates about your activities AT LEAST three times a week on the social media platform of your choice.  You should really do this on more than one platform.  Pick your preference: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Ello, Instagram or Tumblr.  2. Send out a monthly newsletter or email spotlighting your activities and available work and 3. Update your website/blog AT LEAST once a month.

That's it.  None of this will cost you a single dime.  Just a little time.  I know, I know.  Just do it.  You'll find the time.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  It's time to get over your false modesty about self promotion.  Have you ever heard Target, Apple, McDonald's or Amazon apologize for their commercials?  No.  So why should you be shy about promoting your own work?  I'm not saying you should do it all yourself (although you could), but you should play the crucial, central role.

When you promote your work, your openings and art activities, you're promoting the cause for contemporary art OVERALL.  It's not ONLY about you, but ART in general.

Let's really take charge of things this year.  Be proactive.  Be truly committed.  Let’s trumpet art.  If we don’t do it, who will? The American Medical Association?  I think not.

I'm totally IN.  Are you?



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