Every time we turn around, we see yet another tragedy.

It’s surreal and unbelievable.  Terrorist attacks are breaking out all over the world, natural disasters are happening with increasing frequency, government regimes seem to be on shakier ground, the workplace is in confusion and turmoil, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer – if that’s possible – and the entire world scene seems to be running on fear and hate.

What on earth is going on?

Look … I’m just going to give this to you straight.  I don’t know what your personal belief system is, but I am a Christian and I believe in God and Jesus Christ is my savior.  You are more than free to choose your own belief system and good for you.  Given that, I must say that I find it very interesting that whenever we get word of yet another tragedy, what’s the first thing that you usually hear people say?

“Well, if there is a God, then why does He allow this?” OR … “If there’s a God, where is He?”  “Why doesn’t He do something?”

Human nature seems to dictate that whenever things are going well for us, we ignore God and whenever tragedy or uncertainty strikes, we start looking around for God.  During bad times, we even blame God for our troubles.  This is when even people who don’t believe in God angrily blame Him.

It’s a vicious cycle born of our refusal to learn from our own actions.  Are you personally to blame for terrorist attacks or heinous things that happen in our world?  Of course not.  However, we are all connected.  We are all inescapably linked within the body of humanity.

We … yes WE … are making the collective choices that are resulting in the horrors that we’re experiencing in this world.  When we stop and ask, “Why does God allow this?” we’re really pointing the finger of blame at God and we’re not taking responsibility for OUR choices and actions.  These are usually the choices that got us into the predicament in the first place.

This is not God’s fault.  It’s OUR fault.  God does not make mistakes.  He does not do bad things. We do. Constantly.

You know … thank God that I’m not God.  Believe me you, if I were God, I would’ve destroyed everything a long time ago just to give myself some peace and quiet.  I don’t need these headaches from people who don’t want to listen and cause me grief every single day.  They are working my last nerve.  People can be pains in the butt.  Have you noticed?

It’s like painting a picture that gets darker every time you try to lighten it up or driving a car that turns left every time you try to turn right.  What's going on?

I would’ve thrown in the towel long ago.  Of course, God did wipe the slate clean and started over way back when, but I’m talking about contemporary times … our time … NOW.

I believe that God is being supernaturally loving and patient with us.  He is giving us all the TIME in the world to get our act together.  He is giving us time to realize that we have ruined ourselves and His creation.  He’s giving us time to turn to Him for guidance ... while we’re still breathing.  Problem is … we’re refusing to do that.  Just look at the world.  The results speak for themselves.

The human race is being horribly disobedient toward God and we’re actually seeing the results of that defiance.  Life could be one never-ending party if we trusted God.  Literally.  But sadly, we think just the opposite.  We actually believe that trusting God means we won’t have any freedom or fun. It’s like the joke is totally on us. We’re making all kinds of excuses for our behavior, but the truth is inescapable.

Look … I’m not a preacher nor am I a church scholar, but I am a Christian who is simply calling it as I see it.  I’m not saying that I’m right, nor am I saying that you should agree with me.  I am also NOT judging you.  I’m barely keeping my own act together because I’ve got plenty of faults of my own to work on.

I am simply writing as I feel inspired to jot down these words.  This mess that we’re living in is not God’s fault.  It’s our fault.  We’ve created this.  God gave us free will and choice and we’re certainly choosing, aren’t we?

I think that the major stumbling blocks for us are that we simply want to do things our own way and shut God out, plus we insist on seeing ourselves as these little angels who try and try and try and yet no one understands how hard things are for us.

God totally understands.  That’s why he sent his son Jesus Christ.  Ahh, redemption!

God created this universe and all of the universes that we have yet to discover.  God is the original and “Greatest Artist of All.”  He is endless.  God holds time on the tip of his pinky finger.  God is the most powerful being ever.  Nothing is above Him.  God is everywhere.  God made the rules.  God IS the rule.  He wants us to be happy, but we can only truly be happy with Him.

Let’s hear it for God!  Whistles!  Cheers!  Yeay!  You GO Lord!  Standing ovation please.

By the way, can I quickly mention this?  Not for nothin’, but I interview lots of super-talented artists and I often ask them where they think their talent comes from.  Now keep in mind that despite their hard work, there are still some seriously, supernaturally-gifted artists out there.  I don’t think even one of them has told me that they think their talent comes from God.  Really?  How can it not?  Maybe they think it would sound arrogant if they said they felt they were inspired by God.  Maybe they’re afraid to even say, “God.”  Who knows?  Actually, I think it’s the latter. 

Okay.  Where were we?  Oh yeah …

God gives you freedom to use your own brain and make your own decisions, good or bad.  I just wanted to give Him a mighty shout out because God alone is actually holding our fallen world together and preventing us from imploding ... while at the same time allowing us to keep free will and make totally irresponsible, stupid decisions that carry consequences that we're blaming on HIM.  

It's like being a little kid and your mom tells you not to touch the hot stove, but you decide to do it anyway and get burned and cry ... and then you get mad at your mom.  Really?

Our dumb decisions lead to despair and death and God is actually trying to keep us alive and happy.  Isn’t that awesome?  I mean, how awesome is that?  Now that’s LOVE. 

We're scouring planet earth in search of miracles without realizing that the fact that our hearts are beating without any help - and often hindrance - from us is in ITSELF a miracle.  The fact that the sun rises and sets without any help from us is in itself a miracle.  The fact that we can see and hear without any help from us is in itself a miracle.  The fact that oxygen pumps through our lungs without any help from us is a miracle all by itself. We are miracles.  God made us.  God did that.  We take His miracles for granted on a daily basis.  Can we show Him some love for that rather than always jumping on His case about stuff?  

Oh and back to free will ... Exercising free choice doesn’t mean you have to be a reckless idiot, but judging by what we’ve been doing, it apparently does.  It just seems that every time we have a choice between doing right or wrong, we choose wrong. 

Also, I hate to use words like “stupid” and “idiot” when describing people, but it just seems to me that it’s the least I can do when it comes to things like terrorism, hatred, selfishness, racism, privilege, sexism, elitism and so on.

Everything in our world seems to be thisclose to slipping into the abyss.  Yes, thisclose.  That’s why we need Christ.  We can never be good enough left to our own devices.

The current world situation is not God’s fault.  It’s our fault.  God is simply giving us time to start trusting Him.  The clock is ticking.  What will we do?

In short, if we want to get the bigger picture, I think we have to at least TRY to see things from God’s point of view.  Why not try that?  You’ve tried everything else.  No?

Seriously.  Let’s hear it for God.  Believe it or not, He's got your back.  I know he's got mine.

Well … there it is.  Since you asked me, I thought I’d go ahead and give you my opinion about everything that’s going on.  It’s crazy out there.

What???  You did NOT ask for my opinion?  Well …… whatever.