Have you ever done it?

It takes practice, lots of practice, years of practice, but once you’ve done it a few or actually, many times, you’ll get the hang of it.

It requires you to really focus, but then, to surrender, to let go, to release yourself to whatever it is you’re meant to discover ... or become in the process.

It’s deep, charming, edgy, profound, amusing, invigorating, enlightening, inspiring, challenging, intimidating, overwhelming, scary and well, you name it.

It’s also – and first and foremost – extremely immersive. But then, that’s not surprising. Oh yes, it’s also surprising.

If you focus, it begins to happen oh so slowly. It’s a process. It’s all about creativity and how far you’re willing to go.

Will you walk into that deep cave? Will you wander into that black hole? Will you let yourself explore without knowing what’s just around the bend or will you insist on being defiant and blame everyone else for your failings?

It’s like diving into a pool or floating above autumn-colored trees in a balloon or eating exotic food for the first time or putting on a 19th Century costume from wherever. You have to full commit or not play at all.

It’s all about immersion. Actually, it’s about … IT. Have you noticed how many times I’ve said “It?”

That’s the ticket. You just have to DO IT. That’s exactly what immersion is. It’s about the “IT” of the thing.

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book or driven your car on a long road trip and hours have gone by almost without you even really noticing? That’s called immersion. You were in IT. You were in DEEP.

You got lost in your own activity. Your mind and perception carried you away. You were all caught up in … whatever.  But wasn’t it great to lose yourself?

It happens when you’re writing or painting or dancing or singing or acting or doing anything that requires you to dig down deep and pull up something out of yourself that could be considered a gift to the world.

In short, it’s a great thing.

As I’m typing these words, I’m peering through my dining room window where my American Flag that I mounted on my house is gently blowing in the breeze. Farther beyond, I’m looking up at spectacular oak trees that are all splattered in red, yellow, orange, light green, hunter green and brown.

The sun is illuminating it all to within inches of its autumn life. Now I’m looking at a man out there sitting on my front lawn. He’s got an easel and the way he’s dressed is quite out of date.

Is that J.M.W. Turner? Nah! I’m just seeing things. Clearly, I got all caught up.

Immersion. That’s what IT will do to you. You peer up at the clear blue sky like I am right now and suddenly, you start to believe in possibilities.

Remember possibilities? Let’s bring possibilities back.

Do IT. Dive in. Let go of the hours. You can’t get this time back anyway.

Shouldn’t you be happy in this moment? Let go of the anger and the frustration and the resentment and the worry and the fear. Just let it all melt away.

Lose yourself. Give yourself a spiritual enema. Let the ego go. It’s time for something new.  Immerse yourself.  

Dream Baby Dream.



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