I'm stunned by the number of email I get from artists who want something from ArtBookGuy and all they send is an email that only contains a link to their website or email address ... IF THAT.  Often, there's no note explaining who they are, no "Hello" even.  This is not acceptable for ArtBookGuy and certainly doesn't work for galleries and communications to other art institutions.  So artists, I've written below what you might consider a template for any cover letter that you send out to art writers, galleries, museums or anyone who you believe is in a position to help advance your artistic career.  This is NOT intended for you to copy word for word.  It's merely a guide for you to follow.  The internet allows a certain amount of informality, but it's always best to attach a PDF letter - similar to the one below - to any email that you send out, if you're seeking representation, media coverage or any basic career advancement.  Here's what a basic cover letter should look like ...


Date (September 1, 2016 or whatever the date may be.)


John Doe


John Doe Gallery

202 Made Up Street Address

Fictional City, New York 11000 


Dear Mr. Doe: 


This is "Your Name" and I'm a contemporary realist artist (or whatever kind of artist you are) who is seeking representation by your great gallery.

I've admired your work for many years and after close examination, believe your gallery would be a great fit me and my work and I also think that I would be a worthwhile addition to your gallery.  I've been a devoted artist for xx years and would like to take the next step in moving my career forward.

I've attached my resume, biography and references and my website address is xxxx.com.  I would welcome the opportunity to chat very briefly with you about my work and how I can play a role in bringing you more customers and expanding your business.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you.


Sincerely yours,


Your Name

Your website address 

Your email address


This is what ANY professional letter that you send out should look like.  I don't care if you're seeking gallery representation or an interview with ArtBookGuy.  It seems a little formal, but formality is a sign of respect (for the letter recipient AND yourself) and professionalism. 

When it comes to the actual email, just attach the typo-free letter (as a pdf) and other items to the email and within the email just write a quick, INFORMAL note that says, "Hello Mr. Doe, This is "Your Name."  I'm an artist.  Please see attachments for your consideration.

Hope this helps. 


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