Getting involved with contemporary art is easy. Yes, contemporary art usually describes a tangible piece of art or an installation, but it’s also a frame of mind in addition to being about taking action. Art is a noun AND a verb. ArtBookGuy is about simplicity. You don’t have to do big, monumental things to engage with art. If you choose to do it BIG, great … but here are some very simple things you can do to support art, yourself, emerging artists, the art world and the world in general.  Pick and choose for yourself ...

1.  Visit an art museum.  Many don’t charge admission. RELEASE your fear ... or take it with you.

2.  Visit an art gallery.  GO AHEAD! Walk in. They're ALL FREE of charge. Grab ahold of your fear, walk in, say "Hello!" and enjoy. Don't be afraid to ask questions. That's why they're there.

3.  Visit an art fair or art event.  Walk and look around. No one is forcing you to buy anything. Loosen up!

4.  Buy art books.  You can get them at discount stores or download some at low cost.

5.  Open your eyes.  You might not realize this, but art is all around you. It doesn’t matter where you go, art is there. Notice it and appreciate it. It's life.

6.  Make friends with artists and other art people on social media. They’re human beings. Like real human beings, some are nice, some not so nice. It comes with the gig.

7.  BUY ART.  I’m not talking about posters at the poster shop, although they’re fine. I’m talking about original art from artists in YOUR community. Start small with drawings or small, affordable paintings.

8.  Go see “art house” or independent films.  They’re “art on the screen” and need your support.

9.  Take an art class.  Local colleges and contemporary art centers are everywhere. Find one that you can afford and learn about whatever interests you. It might be art history or a drawing class. Your choice.

10.  Support arts institutions.  These organizations need your help. VOLUNTEER. Some are affiliated with The United Way.

11.  Read up on art news.  Something happens in the art world EVERY single day. Get connected.

12.  Look in the mirror.  Believe it or not, YOU are art. Art in motion. You can make yourself, your day and your LIFE a masterpiece.

13.  Let negativity roll off your back.  Not everyone out there is as nice or as friendly as you might like them to be. Just shake off the naysayers and move forward.

14.  CONNECT with other art lovers and build art-loving groups and communities that aren't cliquish, but that CONNECT and COOPERATE with other art-loving groups and communities. This is really the only way to put art back on the social and political agenda and KEEP it there. REACH OUT! The lone, competitive wolf approach does not work here. Art needs all of the support it can get because it's constantly treated as a frill and it remains on the chopping block.

15.  Focus on HUMANITY.  People are more important than art. Art makes us human, but humans create art.

16.  Repeat tips 1-15 whenever possible and add to your own personal art involvement list.

17.  Life is short.  Have fun. Art For All People.



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