ArtBookGuy interviews talented artists, gallery owners and art curators.  People continue to ask me how these email interviews come about.  Well, I only interview via email and I often seek out artists online.  However, artists often reach out to me ... which I MUCH prefer.  Email interviews are a LOT of work.  Here's the deal...

1. NO REFERRALS:  Artists, gallery owners and curators should contact ArtBookGuy on their own after having visited the website.  This way, they already know all about ABG.  I don't like referrals because they force me to do all of the legwork only to give an artist or gallery free publicity.  To be fair, the artist or gallery owner should at least make the first move.  This also shows me that the artist, art dealer or curator is doing the interview because they really want to do it.  In other words, their excitement about chatting will make for a more exciting interview that you will enjoy reading.  Hopefully.

2. EMAIL ME: Send me an email (Email ABG).  That email should include three, quick sentences about yourself:  share how you know about ArtBookGuy and include a link to your personal website.  By personal website, I mean your very own website that contains only your work.  It's a website that you own and control for the purpose of promoting yourself and your work.  This does NOT include your social media page or your page on some other art platform.  ArtBookGuy does NOT promote social media pages nor other art websites.  They can market and promote themselves.  However, I DO promote the websites of galleries when I've interviewed the gallery owner.

3. I REVIEW: I always look at the artist or gallery website.  I also always include links to their websites in our interviews so that people can visit their sites and see their work.  This is also why I usually don't include photos of the artists' work on ArtBookGuy.  I want people to visit the artists' websites.  If I include photos of the artists' work along with the interviews on ArtBookGuy, readers will NOT leave the ABG site to visit the artists' websites.  They just won't.  I want people to visit the artists' sites.  Also, I do not have to "like" an artist's work to interview them via email, but something about them and their work must inspire or intrigue me.  Something about their work must bring about questions for me.  This is how I KNOW that I will be able to do an interview.

4. STARTER EMAIL: If I get inspired, I send the artist my "starter email" for the interview.  The starter email simply spells out the process and we get going.  Simple as that.  Interviews are always done over a period of days or weeks.  That's because we all have busy, mobile lives that get interrupted.  My quickest interviews have been completed in one day.  The longest interview took FIVE YEARS ... although these days I always complete interviews within a two-week period.

That's how ArtBookGuy interviews come about.  As of this writing, I've done close to 400 interviews with artists and dealers from all over the world.



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