Newsletters are a very important way to keep people informed about your new work and activities. I recommend that you subscribe to an email/social media marketing newsletter service. This is definitely worth the small expense because good email newsletter services provide you with metrics and analytics information that help you spot potential clients and customers.

There are also free newsletter services out there. Google them.

When you create newsletters, make sure that they contain links that make them viewable in browsers. The links actually say ... "View this email in your browser" or "Online version of this email" usually at the top and/or bottom of the email message. This makes it possible for art websites to post your newsletter on their sites ... thereby giving you more FREE, online exposure.

Remember that most folks delete an email-based newsletter just as quickly as other email, so don't spend all day creating one. Keep it simple and to the point. 

But here’s what you should also do … create a website-based newsletter.

1. Simply create a new page on your personal website and call it, “News” or “Newsletter.”

2. Use this page to post “breaking news” about your new shows, photos of your newly-finished works, very short paragraphs about your new projects, etc. The key to making this page work is that everything should be “new.” Update it at least once per month.

Make sure you include hyperlinks to other pages of interest on your website. Do not post more than FOUR “new” items. Try to keep it down to three.

Your newsletter should be brief, breezy and interesting.

3. Once you’ve set the page up, go to your social media profile pages and write a new post. It should be a short introduction for your newsletter.

4. Copy your news page link from your browser and paste it beneath the introduction.

5. Hit SEND.

6. You’ve just distributed your newsletter … via social media anyway.

The whole point here is to create reader interest and drive traffic to your website. Posting news updates via social media will help you achieve these things.

You should post your website-based newsletter at least twice per week on each of your social media platforms. You should send out your paid, subscription-based, email newsletters once a week or twice a month. Once a month is okay, but only once a month may not justify the monthly bill you'll be paying for the service.

For examples of what Artist Newsletters should look like, click on the Artist News link below. This is where I link to your newsletters, post them and give you free exposure here on the ArtBookGuy site...