If you’re a red-blooded American male or red-blooded male period, I defy you to walk out of this film without being completely nauseous.  More on that in a moment.

Needless to say, I can only write about this film from the male point of view.  So, my apologies in advance to the ladies.

Gone Girl” is a beautifully written, directed, acted and shot film based on Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name.  Flynn also wrote the screenplay which probably explains why it translates so well on film.  David Fincher directed this suspense-thriller.

As usual, I won’t give the plot away.  You’ll find that out when you see it.  However, I will say that this film – based on the book – takes a very dark look inside a very troubled marriage.  However, it goes much deeper and explores what can happen to a marriage when both parties are deeply troubled as individuals and particularly when the wife is a “Psycho Bitch from Hell.”  Literally.  You’ll see.

Ben Affleck has a knack for involving himself with great projects.  Once again, he brings his “A” game to this one.  Rosamund Pike will easily get an Oscar nomination.  Who knew that my lovely Jane from “Pride and Prejudice” has such a dark side?  She kills this role in more ways than one.  Also, quick shout outs to Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris.  Both of these actors, among others, in the film do really nice jobs in specific supporting roles.

The hip, upscale yet edgy cinematography also makes this film such a pleasure to watch.  Love it.

This film is doing very well at the box office, but unfortunately, people don’t seem to be really exploring the overarching theme of this film which begs us to at least discuss the institution of marriage, infidelity, mental health and where we are in 2014.  The film and Flynn deserve best picture and screenplay nominations for even exploring these themes in such an adult and even dark way.  It’s really a sobering look at what happens when something seemingly great goes terribly wrong.  How do you recover from such deceit and evil?  This has got to be a tough one for even happily married couples to watch together. 

Thank God I’m not married.


Gone Girl - The Film Production