You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to figure this out.

The universe is far more vast and diverse than we can even begin to comprehend. I actually believe that God has created many universes, not only our own. You’re free to believe – or not believe – as you wish.

Have you heard that report that says astronomers have “discovered” seven more earth-sized planets orbiting a small star that’s 40 light years from earth?

And what about that “new,” underwater continent that geologists have allegedly found in the southwest Pacific Ocean? They’ve named it, “Zealandia.”

Doesn’t it seem as if someone is speaking to us? I believe that God is speaking to us through His creation, the universe. God is the ultimate artist and we are among his masterpieces … believe it or not.

But here’s the thing...

With every new discovery … with every new technological advance … with every new concept … there’s great fascination among some us and a great numbing among far too many of us.

Here’s what I mean…

As the universe is so clearly speaking to us, why is it business as usual with us? Why are we still engaged in the same old, tired and lame arguments?

You know them well …

Democrat or Republican? Conservative or Liberal? Raise taxes or cut spending? Black or White? Rural or Urban? Public schools or Private schools? Global Warming or Bullcrap?

We could go on and on and on and on … and we will, of course. You get the picture.

The universe is speaking with a full-on, gigantic megaphone to all us … and yet … we’re still not listening.

The universe is telling us that we’re enveloped in infinity. We’ve got options and options and options up the wah-zoo and yet, we insist on nitpicking, backbiting and bickering over these small things that do nothing but divide us.

It’s as if the universe is unfolding right before our very eyes. It’s showing us some of its jewels. It’s offering precious gifts to us and we’re rejecting those things in favor of God knows what found floating around, belly-up in our self-created cesspools.

We’re diving and bobbing in the mud while ignoring the stars. Surely you know what diving in the mud means. No?

Diving in the mud means we’re choosing politics over people. We’re choosing politics over common sense even. We’re choosing to constantly fight over THIS or THAT rather than focusing on the larger prize that benefits us all.

The larger prize – the universe – is a WIN-WIN. But we don’t want win-win. We prefer win-lose. We actually want someone to lose so that we can feel better about “winning.”

As the universe literally unfolds, we’re choosing to make our world so much smaller. We’re losing the BIG PICTURE.

Doesn’t it feel as we’re about to get chewed up and spit out like rancid tobacco? You must admit that many of our choices – mainly the choice to bicker over THIS or THAT – do not make us very attractive let alone endearing.

By the way, this isn’t about cynicism. I am not writing this from a headspace of cynicism. This is reality. Just take a look at “Reality TV.” The actuality of our reality feels like doom.

It feels like we’re constantly bickering over THIS or THAT while the universe is telling us we can have it ALL. It’s all unfolding right before our very eyes. It’s all right there before us. Not some of it, ALL of it.

But enough of that. The good news is that we CAN listen to God. I believe He’s speaking through the universe.

God is speaking. The universe is constantly bringing forth … like fruit on the vine. The masterpieces just keep coming.

Are you watching? Are you listening?



Let's Hear It for God!