These are just a few photographs that I took with photographer Sid Rust in his studio/garage.  We were having a great time with art and creativity.  Isn't that what it's all about?

By the way, the first painting is by an unknown artist with the last name of "Goodere."  I found it at a flea market and had no luck in tracking down the artist.  I love it.  It appears in my first book, "Art In King Size Beds: A Collector's Journal."  I decided to call it, "Cup & Lemons Still Life." 

The second painting is by Emily Strong.  I think she called it, "Rainy Day."  It's a painting she did in New York City.  Quite impressionable, isn't it?

I have SO many paintings that I could show you, but get the books.  You'll definitely see them there.

While people can often be mysterious, art is always an open book for me.  How about you?

Michael Holding Goodere PaintingMichael Holding Emily Strong Painting

Me Hat Covering Entire Face

Michael Hat Partial FaceLarge