An artist starting a blog is not breaking news.  However, it's rare that you hear people explain WHY they've started a blog and what they hope to achieve.  Gabe Langholtz is one of my favorite artists.  Recently, he sent a link to his new blog and explained the reason for it.


MICHAEL: Hey Gabe, Nice looking blog.  Why did you start it and what do you hope to achieve with it?  Why have you pegged yourself as an "outsider"? 

GABE: Hey Michael,  Thanks.  I initially started my blog as a means of marketing my art.  I read somewhere that it's the thing to do.  Maybe so.  However, I quickly discovered that there is a lot I have to say.  When I think back to where I was a couple of years ago, I would have loved to have had a blog like this to read.  When I feel the uncertainty creeping in, I start looking for reassurance.  I think we all do.  In my blog I hope to capture everything we experience as artists, envy, fear, rejection, pride, the whole gamut!  I want to give other artists something to relate to, while at the same time hopefully humanizing my artist self for my fans and followers.  I want the public to know that artists are not unapproachable.  As far as pegging myself as an outsider artist, I suppose I'm considering the broader sense of the term applied to those not formally educated in art.  I'm an outsider because I have no art school connections, and no prior history with art.

Gabe Langholtz: Finding His Way