To even say it sounds like a cliché.

But you know, it's true.  I learned it from all of the artists I know.  If nothing else, they all have this one thing in common.  They all say it in one way or another...

Follow your bliss.

For me, this means writing about art and interviewing artists.  Do you know how I know?  Because I do it for the love of it.  It's certainly not because of the money; there's no money in it.  There might be, but not right now.  Whatever.

When you follow your bliss, you always know that it's not about the money.  Does everything have to be about "the money?"  Okay, don't answer that, but you know what I mean.  There are just some things that you do in this life because you cannot NOT do them.  When this happens, in all likelihood, you're following your bliss.

Here's another way to know that you're following your bliss; you just DO it.  There was no decision making process involved.  You didn't have to mentally agonize over it.  One day, you just found yourself in an almost trance-like state and you were doing it.  You were reading, writing, playing tennis, singing, painting, drawing, shooting hoops, knitting, bird watching, running, playing guitar or whatever.  You were doing what came so naturally to you that you barely noticed you were doing it.  You were following your bliss. 

You were expressing yourself in the most natural way possible.  One day, your soul started singing and you were along for the ride ... like breathing and like meditation.  The next thing you knew ... hours flew by.

So many people think that following your bliss means you're seeking happiness, but I'm not so sure about that.  When you follow you bliss, you answer the call of your inner spirit.  Joy is simply a byproduct.  Subconsciously, you know that THIS is the thing you're meant to be doing.  Even when things aren't going well, you don't mind.  Also, it may not mean anything to anyone else.  In fact, other people may make fun of it, but it means everything to you.

You know what else?  You know you've arrived and you're following your bliss when feeding your own inner core is more important to you than entertaining what other people may think or say.  Who has time for THAT?

Slowly, but surely, all of the external voices - imagined or real - that you allowed to trip you up in the past, just melt away.  There's just no time to worry about whether or not THEY like YOU.  You're more concerned about whether YOU like YOU and you start heeding your own, inner calling.

Furthermore, what you're doing could be the most obscure, off the wall thing in the world.  No matter.  It's simply what you do for yourself.  It's how you feed your soul.  Ironically, what gives you joy is probably going to help someone else as well.  Funny how that works.

Wouldn't this be a different world if we quit the rat race and followed our bliss?  Talk about progress.  I don't know.  It just seems like we're all meant to do it.  It's like our mission on earth; to finally drop the charade and get real about who and what we are.

When we do this, we realize that we don't all want the same things and that it doesn't make sense to stab someone else in the back to get ... whatever it is that you think you want ... and that you also think everyone else wants.

I don't know about you, but I'm done with that life of strife and silly confusion.

What's for you is really for you ... especially when you follow your bliss.  It's uniquely yours.  It's ordained.

Stop ... breathe ... think ... pray ... shift gears ... change direction ... and follow your bliss.

What are you waiting for?



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