You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to figure this out.

Why would the presidential candidates raise hundreds of millions of dollars and criss-cross the nation like frenzied demons for several months leading up to Election Day?

Because they want and need YOUR vote.  That’s why.

Do we not realize this or would we rather not acknowledge the fact that everyday people have the power?  And when I say, “everyday people,” I mean YOU, dear reader.  YOU are the one with the power.

Yes, the candidates have the connections, the money, the energy and the thirst for worldwide dominance, but YOU are the one with the power.  They can only achieve their ambitions with your support.  It’s that simple.

You know, I think many of us don’t want to admit to this because we KNOW that with power comes responsibility and who wants to be responsible for the economy or foreign relations or unemployment or global warming or any number of other issues that always seem to rest on our national doorstep?

It’s so much easier to elect someone, put them in office and make them responsible for the things that we don’t want to deal with.  Still, we’re never off the hook because we still must contend with things like sexism, racism, homelessness, crime, greed, pollution, traffic and everything else that makes our lives inconvenient at best and tragic at worst.

Isn’t it interesting how if you asked the average person, “Are you sexist?” or “Are you racist?” or “Are you a polluter?” … most people would answer, “No! Of course not!”  Yet, if you ask those same people if they think we live in a sexist, racist world where pollution is a big problem, they’d probably answer, “Yes.”  So, if that’s all true, then how did we get here?  If no one is a sexist, racist polluter, then how did we end up living in a society where these things exist?

I know, I know.  It’s always someone else.  Isn’t THAT the problem?  It’s always somebody else, not US. People have the power, but accepting that fact means we must accept responsibility ... not necessarily the blame, but the responsibility. 

So, YOU dear reader, are NOT to blame for homelessness, unemployment or global warming, but what if WE all accepted responsibility for these things?  The world would be quite different, no?

Everyday people are the ones with the real power.  I once heard a historian say that every political, social, human rights movement in history has come from the bottom up, not the top down.  In other words, grassroots efforts are really what bring about change in the world.  When everyday people get motivated or pissed off enough to take to the streets – or these days, the internet – that’s when true change happens.

Just think about it, change doesn’t usually come from the top down because the folks at the top are trying to maintain the status quo.  You can’t blame them for that.  It is what it is.

Nobody wants to be fingered out in the blame game.  But instead of placing blame, how about if we ALL took responsibility for at least something?

If we ALL did that, we’d live in a much different world.  After all, everyday people are the ones with the power and when I say “everyday people,” I mean YOU and ME.