Merely a glance at this woman’s work and a hush befalls you. 

It’s an exquisite silence that requires no defense or explanation because you know you’re witnessing something simply sublime.  And I’ve only seen it online.  A face to face encounter with these creatures must be just shy of miraculous.

It’s simply amazing that someone has the gift and insight to create such inspired, enlightening forms of sleepy elegance.  I want to touch them through my computer screen.  I literally want to hang out with them. I want to chat with them and find out what they’re dreaming about.

All I can think is “Who are they?” “How did they get here?”  “Who is the human being who has created such profound beauty?” “I want one!”

Her talent is almost frightening.  She’s French, of course. This stirring of seemingly super-natural inspiration mixed with gauze and what appears to be as mundane as dirt hath given forth to something almost miraculous.  It has me wanting to speak the English of King James. Her work appears to be of the same spirit that brought forth the vast systems of universes that remain undiscovered by our feeble minds.  

The delicate hands and the gentle expressions speak of ancient, jettisoned societies and tales buried deep in the earth, all brought about by God’s wrath or perhaps great love that gave birth to forgiveness that will allow these beings to rise again.

Can you tell I love Evelyne Galinski’s work?  Have I made it clear?  Don’t take my words for it.  See for yourself

When I saw her work online, I contacted her immediately.  Here’s what she told me.  I have edited Evelyne’s comments just “un peu” to make them more understandable:

“First, it should be that I tell you that for a long time I seek the causes of all the fears that I have had since childhood. I'm looking in all directions, with psychology, spirituality and all means that are good to move forward, in the present or the past. My work speaks of this internal research in depth. I say things that I don't know the scope and it may be others who put me on  track from what is said in my work. I think that I am working on memoirs, genealogical memoirs.  Even I am often surprised by what appears in my work. I worked for a time on the death while trying to not deflect my gaze that made me afraid. What speaks are on some of my sculptures. It is like dressing, wound, pain. They are made with real gauze. They also evoke  death because it must refer us to the mummies of all peoples who have had these practices. They also speak of the lack of freedom because they’re tied beings. At the moment, my sculptures have lost the strips and are growing on. This is the time of the release. So I hope that it goes.”

With that, I asked Evelyne about the message of her work.  Is there something that we should be seeing that perhaps remains unexplained?  While her works are lovely, they are literally shrouded in mystery like answers to those timeless questions that have dogged humanity from antiquity.

“There is a message in my work, but the first person to whom it is directed is me,” says Evelyne. “I'm just as much of the public ‘spectator’ of my work. The message does not come easily to me. There is only recently that I was able to understand its meaning. My work carries a message, but it’s nothing different from what happens in everyday life.  All our actions carry messages for others …”

“When I enter my studio, I leave my will and my mind at the door. I wander through love. Music and incense help me reach a state of tranquility. I'm so in touch with life. And then she says what she has to say,” said Evelyne who goes on to say …

“In fact, I do not really want to say what the message is in my work … I never wanted to mislead the eyes of others. This is why I never put a title for my sculptures, only invented names that mean nothing … If I give my interpretation of the message, I will speak to the mind of the beholder and not to its sensitive part. This is not what I want … We are not here to live in comfort and opulence, although I have nothing against. But the comfort and opulence just push us to sleep. I was like everyone else, I wish I had spent my life sleeping, but life had not decided it for me. I have not had any comfort, nor my body or my mind. This prompted me to look. There came into play my will, my mind. This is what they serve. What you want is that I give you the key to my work … that I offer it on a platter, without any work. But the key that was able to open my door, won’t she open yours and that of others? If you want to make a good paper, do not wait until I give you this key, wait and you will get it.”

I got it alright.  Isn’t it interesting how we ALWAYS want artists to explain their work?  Evelyne is clearly saying that the message is there.  It’s right there before your gaze within the closed, dreamy eyes of her creatures.  They are metaphors for our lives touched by inspiration and aspirations untold, those familiar dreams and fantasies and yes, dreams deferred too. 

Yet when it’s time to move on from this fragile encounter, all one can think is that beyond all else, Evelyne’s work floats like enlightened, celestial beings speaking of the one thing that matters most …


Do yourself a favor …